Udra algés

udra algés

What is the history of Udra?

UDRA was founded in 1995 and being one of the first football clubs in Caué which includes the southern part of the island. Years later, the team became a registered club. UDRA first played in the islands second division. In 2005, UDRA celebrated its 10th anniversary of the clubs foundation.

What does Algés mean?

Algés (Portuguese pronunciation: [aɫˈʒɛʃ]) is a former civil parish in the municipality of Oeiras, in Lisbon metropolitan area, Portugal.

When was Algés town elevated to a town?

Algés was elevated to a town on August 16, 1991, and the parish was officially created on June 11, 1993, after separating from the parish of Carnaxide . ^ Diário da República. Law nr. 11-A/2013, page 552 82 (pdf) (in Portuguese).

Who were The Odras?

Greek writers like Pliny and Ptolemy described the Odra people as Oretes. In the Mahabharata the Odras are mentioned along with the Paundras, Utkals, Mekalas, Kalingas and Andhras, while according to Manu the Odras are associated with the Paundrakas, Dravidas, Kambojas, Yavanas, Sakas, Paradas, Pallhavas, Chinas, Kiratas and Khasas.

Is UDRA vishau the same as Odra Desa?

So Udra Vishau may be the same as Odra Desa. In the mediaeval Muslim chronicles like Tabaquat-I-Nasiri, Tabaquat-I-Akbari, Riyadus Salatin, Tarkh-I-Firuzsahi, etc., the Odra territory has been referred to as Jajnagar probably after the capital Yayatinagar or Jajatinagar.

What is the meaning of the name Odra?

Orda: Odra (also Orda-desha) similar to Udra, may have meant a tribe of people called Odra, but later came to refer to the land of Odras. Oddiyana: Oddiyana, mentioned in some Buddhist texts, according to some scholars may have referred to Odisha.

Where is Algés located?

Algés is located within the boundaries of the Oeiras council, which belongs to the Lisbon District (Distrito de Lisboa). To give you a better idea, Algés is right after Belém and it is very quick and easy to get there from Lisbon’s city centre.

Is there a beach near the river Algés?

Even though we are talking about a village by the river, there is, in fact, a beach in the area, called Praia de Algés (the Algés Beach in English). That is the closest beach to Lisbon there is and it is quite big, considering that it is located in the river mouth.

How to choose a hotel in Alges?

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How to get from Lisbon to Algés?

The distance by car from Lisbon to Algés is about 12 km and may last less than 20 minutes (if you avoid the rush hour). So, what’s the best way? It all depends on your personal circumstances.

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