What is the meaning of Necrology?

Define necrology. necrology synonyms, necrology pronunciation, necrology translation, English dictionary definition of necrology. n. pl. ne·crol·o·gies 1. A list of people who have died, especially in the recent past or during a specific period. 2. An obituary. nec′ro·log′ic ,...

Who are the actors in the movie nécrologies?

Nécrologies (2018) - IMDb Nécrologies: Directed by Fabien Chombart, Guillaume Defare, Nathalie Epoque, François Message, Alexis Wawerka. With Jean-Claude Dreyfus, Sophie Jarmouni, Francesco Porcelli, David Faure. After getting into a cemetery to take pictures for his website, Ludovic is caught by the old grave keeper.

What are the technical specs of nécrologies (2018)?

See detailed box office info on IMDbPro Technical specs Edit Runtime 1hour15minutes Sound mix Stereo Aspect ratio 2.35 : 1 Contribute to this page Suggest an edit or add missing content Top Gap What is the Spanish language plot outline for Nécrologies (2018)? Answer See more gaps Learn more about contributing Edit page More to explore List

What is a necrology Register?

necrology(Noun) A church register containing the names of those connected with the church who have died. necrology(Noun) A listing of people who have died during a specific period of time. necrology(Noun) A notice of death; an obituary.

What is the difference between necrology and obituary?

Necrology actually has two common definitions. Sometimes, it’s nothing more than a synonym for an obituary. That said, it’s rare these days for people to use the term in this capacity, as obituary is a word most of us are much more familiar with. The second definition of necrology isn’t far off from the first, but it has a key difference.

What is the study of death called?

Necrology is essentially the study of death. It may include studying such topics as the physical stages of death, mortality statistics, and the way tissues in the body change after someone has died, among others. This usage of the word necrology is less common than the usage primarily covered here.

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