Cafe santiago porto

cafe santiago porto

Where to eat in Porto city?

Considered one of the 50 best sandwiches in the world and one of the 10 best flavors in Europe, Francesinha Santiago® is today one of the greatest gastronomic icons of Porto City and Portugal. And it is at Café Santiago that Francesinha presents herself at her highest quality and recognition. Welcome and enjoy.

What is Café Santiago F?

As an independent project, managed by Filipe Pereira, it is the first expansion of Café Santiago, thanks to a team with a great amount of confidence, born and raised in the Santiago family over the last few years. The Café Santiago F is a relaxed and welcoming space where the top priority is quality.

Where to have a francesinha in Porto?

We had the Francesinha with egg and fries at Cafe Santiago. If you only have the Francesinha once in Porto, have it here - and have it with a beer. Not only the quality of the food was perfect, but also the coziness of the place and the kindness of all the staff make this restaurant a must visit place!

What is the francesinha Santiago®?

The Francesinha Santiago® has always been our primary reference, having emerged as the result of the development and improvement of the typical Francesinha in Porto, by dedicated elements of the Pereira family.

Where to eat the best Francesinhas in Porto?

Yuko Tavern. A survey conducted by the Portuguese digital magazine New In Town found that Yuko Tavern was the people’s choice for serving the best francesinhas in Porto, earning 25.7% of the 15,571 total votes. The rustic interior, surrounded by stone walls and wood beams, makes this an especially cozy spot, too.

Where to find the best Francesinha in Barcelona?

Bufete Fase is the place to go when you want a great francesinha, quick, to go, and with no fuss. Not only are francesinhas their specialty (again, the secret may be in the spicy sauce), but they’re the only thing on the menu! You can also stay and dine in the restaurant’s relaxed setting.

Why choose Francesinhas O mercadinho?

If the restaurant is named after the dish you are searching for, chances are you’ve come to the right place. Francesinhas o Mercadinho boasts a cozy atmosphere and a house tradition of using twice the amount of cheese as other versions of this Porto classic.

Why is the francesinha so new to Portugal?

Here’s why The Francesinha is a relatively new dish to Portugal. Sources site its invention in the 1950s when immigrants were moving through a post-war Europe to find work.

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