Canção nova vodafone

canção nova vodafone

What services does Vodafone Portugal offer?

Vodafone Portugal - 5G, Telemóveis, Internet, Televisão O seu operador de comunicações: rede 5G, pacotes Tv Net Voz com fibra, loja online com os últimos telemóveis, internet móvel e muito mais. Skip to content

How to buy a Vodafone Clube Viva?

Por cada euro gasto ganha 2 pontos Clube Viva, válidos 2 anos. Para utilizar os seus pontos na Loja Online, precisa de estar registado no My Vodafone. No momento da compra online basta fazer o login. Cada equipamento tem o preço identificado e o número de pontos que serão descontados ao seu saldo do Clube Viva.

What is Telemóveis my Vodafone Exclusivo?

Telemóveis My Vodafone Exclusivo Online Especial Dia da Criança: adira à fibra da Vodafone e receba um relógio NEO com 6 meses de serviço incluídos. Ver Pacotes

How many Pontos does Vodafone pay per euro?

Por cada €1 gasto na sua fatura, ganha 2 pontos Clube Viva, válidos por 2 anos. Acumule pontos Clube Viva para obter descontos em Produtos e serviços. Basta já ser cliente Vodafone. Por cada euro gasto ganha 2 pontos Clube Viva, válidos 2 anos.

Whats new at Vodafone Portugal?

In September 2015, Vodafone Portugal becomes the first TV operator in the world to launch a service for smart watches. Customers of Vodafones TV service are now able to watch TV channels live on their wrists. Vodafone Portugal starts offering VoLTE and is the first operator in Portugal to offer VoLTE, the most advanced 4G voice technology.

What services does Vodafone offer?

We offer a wide variety of products and services to consumers, businesses, governments and partner organisations in Europe and our Rest of World regions. Vodafone is a leading provider of digital products and services for consumers and businesses across our markets.

How many customers does Vodafone have in Europe?

We connect more than 300m mobile customers and 27m fixed broadband customers across our 21 markets and 48 partner markets. We operate the largest 5G network in Europe. Vodafone 5G is now live in 12 countries and growing, fast.

What can I get with Vodafone fibre?

Discover the best offers for your home with television, internet, fixed phone and mobile, at the best price. Subscribe to Vodafone Fibre, with the best TV channels and all the features you want.

What is Vodafone’s Buy Now Pay Later? Vodafone’s Buy Now Pay Later allows partner bank’s credit cardholders to purchase devices and accessories at Vodafone retail stores. This is an easy monthly instalment plan with no down payment, no fees and 0% interest for up to 12 months.

How much does a SIM card cost from Vodafone?

What is the my Vodafone app?

Bill pay and Pay as you go customers can use the app to see their account details and usage information. If you’re a corporate or business customer you may not be able to access all features in the app. How much does the My Vodafone app cost? This handy little app is free to download. Get it now from the Google Play Store or iTunes.

What is Vodafone roaming inclusive fair use?

A 25GB roam fair use policy applies each billing month. Information and destinations: Inclusive Roaming in 83 Worldwide Destinations: Roam at no extra cost in 83 destinations worldwide (Zone A, B and C destinations) on selected Xtra Plans.

Does Vodafone offer any discounts on additional plans?

We think your loyalty deserves a reward. Our existing customers enjoy a 15% discount on additional plans. So, if you fancy a new tablet, one of the kids needs a new phone, or you want to treat a loved one, you can enjoy everything that you love from Vodafone – just for a lot less. Log in and pick a deal in Offers for you.

How much does Vodafone prepaid cost?

With Vodafone Prepaid, you can enjoy prepaid plans packed with data and international minutes. Our $30 to $60 Prepaid Plus Plans come with heaps of My Data and then infinite data at speeds of up to 1.5Mbps in Oz until your recharge expires.

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