Putin com cancro

putin com cancro

Does Vladimir Putin have cancer?

Solovei claimed Putin underwent surgery and another Russian source went on to claim it was an abdominal cancer operation. The claims that Putin has cancer and had undergone emergency surgery were not confirmed or denied by the Kremlin at the time.

What has happened to Vladimir Putin?

Solovei claims Putin underwent surgery in February and another Russian source went on to claim it was an abdominal cancer operation. Few gaps in the president’s schedule are apparent at the time but it is claimed his first appearance after the surgery was to lay flowers in St Petersburg memorial site on February 19.

Is Patrushev the worst option to take down Putin?

Patrushev, a former KGB counterintelligence officer seen as a key figure in the brutal attack on Ukraine, is the ‘worst option’, the source claimed. It comes following months of rumours surrounding Putin’s poor health, with speculation he could be suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

Does Vladimir Putin have Parkinsons disease?

Shock cancer claims came after Kremlin watchers said recent footage showed Putin has possible symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. Earlier this week The Kremlin issued a further denial of health problems after Putin suffered a coughing fit during a televised meeting.

Will Putin agree to hand over power to Patrushev?

“Putin is unlikely to agree to hand over power for a longer period of time,” the narrator of the video states, adding that the control of the country will likely be in Patrushev’s hands for no more than 2 to 3 days.

Does Patrushev Putin have cancer?

Russian leader set for surgery, which officials insist is of no particular urgency Power over Ukraine war will transfer to ally and Security Council chief Patrushev Putin has cancer, Parkinsons and schizophrenic symptoms: Telegram channel Patrushev claimed NATO support for Kyiv will cause disintegration of Ukraine

Is Patrushev a villain or a hero?

“I will say that this is the worst option,” the narrator adds. “Patrushev is an outright villain. He is no better than Vladimir Putin. Moreover, he is a more cunning, and I would say, more insidious person than Vladimir Putin. If he comes to power, Russians’ problems will only multiply.”

Will Putin give up control of Ukraine for days?

News comes as Putin expected to launch all-out assault and mobilise nation Vladimir Putin may be forced to give up control of the war in Ukraine for days as he is reportedly set for cancer surgery.

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