Hospital arrabida

hospital arrabida

What is Hospital da Luz Arrábida?

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How big is the Arrábida hospital?

Part of the Arrábida Shopping Mall complex, in an independent 8-floor complex, the Arrábida Hospital has a covered surface area of around 13,200 square meters.

What is Arrábida famous for?

Due to its privileged location by the sea and the biodiversity it hosts, Arrábida has peculiar characteristics in terms of climate and vegetation, with a distinctly Mediterranean nature. The name of the mountain, endowed with moderate temperatures and where unique species are found, comes from Arabic and means “place of prayer”.

What is the Arrábida Natural Park?

Based on the Arrábida mountain range and adjacent maritime area, the Arrábida Natural Park occupies an area of ​​approximately 17 thousand hectares, of which more than 5 thousand are of marine surface, covering territory belonging to the municipalities of Palmela, Sesimbra and Setúbal.

What is Arrábida?

Deriving from the Arabic for a place of prayer, Arrábida is a rich coastal landscape comprised of a mosaic of orchards, vineyards, pastures dotted with historic military and religious architecture, small settlements, farm houses and vacation homes.

Where is the Arrábida Natural Park?

Just 35km (22mi) south of Lisbon, you’ll find the wild Arrábida Natural Park, home to some of the most spectacular beaches in Portugal, alongside craggy hiking routes and hidden gem wineries.

What is the Serra da Arrábida?

Towering over Lisbon ‘s southern coastline, the great limestone ridge of the Serra da Arrábida, 40 km south of the city and clearly visible from its higher points, is home to the world’s oldest living examples of Mediterranean vegetation.

What are the best beaches to visit in Arrábida?

Located next to a picturesque port and overlooked by Roman ruins, this is the most famous beach in Arrábida and the choice of Lisbonites, who are able to park their car in the large parking lot. See the complete Praia do Creiro Guide. This wild beach is an idyllic bay that was once a secret because it’s not easy to find.

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