Metro lisbona

metro lisbona

Is there a Metro in Lisbon?

Information: The metro covers the eastern and northern sections of Lisbon, but there are no services to the west. If you want to visit the Belem district, then the tram is the best option. There are two fare zones for Lisbons metro, but all of the main tourist areas and the airport are within zone 1.

Is there a railway station at Lisbon Airport?

While there is no railway station at Lisbon airport, there is a Metro station at Terminal 1. The Metro is modern, cheap to use and reliable, and it is the fastest way to get around the city. There are four Metro lines in Lisbon, blue, green yellow and red.

What is the name of the Yellow Line in Lisbon Metro?

Picoas station (Yellow Line). Lisbon Metro network in July 1995, when the segment between Campo Grande and Rotunda became part of the Yellow Line. Lisbon Metro network in December 1997, when the Rotunda–Rato segment of the Yellow Line was completed. Roma station (Green Line).

How much is a single ticket for Lisbon Metro?

The 2019 Lisbon metro fare prices are: • €1.50 – Single Fare. • €6.40 – 24-hour unlimited travel, which includes all Lisbon buses and trams. Note: There are no return tickets, but multiple single tickets can be purchased for return journeys.

What is the Blue Line of the Lisbon Metro?

The Blue Line ( Portuguese: Linha Azul) or Seagull Line ( Portuguese: Linha da Gaivota) is one of the four lines of Lisbon Metro. It is the only line of the Lisbon Metro entirely underground, without any viaduct. 29 December 1959: Opening of the original Lisbon Metro network with a Y shape.

What is the history of the Red Line in Lisbon?

During the 1980s a loop of central Lisbon was constructed and in 1995 the network was split into two lines, the Blue Line and the Yellow Line. In May 1998 a third line, the Red Line, was constructed to connect Alameda station to the exhibition grounds of Expo 98. In 2004 the Blue, Yellow and Green lines were further extended.

How many stations are in the Lisbon Metro?

The Lisbon metro system has 4 lines that all together extend 44.2 kilometers (27.5 miles) and serve 56 stations. Each line has a color, name, and logo. Historically, each line had a picturesque name that was used to identify each line.

What is the name of the underground line in Lisbon?

Also known as the Linha da Gaivota (Seagull Line) is the only fully underground metro line in Lisbon. The line runs from Santa Apolónia to Reboleira, crossing the red line at São Sebastião, the yellow line at Marquês de Pombal, and the green line at Baixa-Chiado. Also known as the Linha do Girasso (Sunflower Line) it runs from Rato to Odivelas.

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