Atlas crypto

atlas crypto

What is Atlas (Atlas)?

ATLAS describes itself as a decentralized, tokenized travel platform that aims to distribute economics benefits back into the hands of consumers, content creators, and suppliers. The team behind Atlas created Zanadu, a Chinese luxury travel brand which reportedly has 2 million users.

What is the price of Atlas cloud?

The live Atlas Cloud price today is $186.54 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $114,554 USD. We update our ATLAS to USD price in real-time. Atlas Cloud is down 11.28% in the last 24 hours.

What is star atlas’s release date?

Although Star Atlas doesn’t have a detailed release schedule, its metaverse tokens are scheduled to begin trading in August 2021. Who Are the Founders of Star Atlas? Star Atlas was founded by CEO Michael Wagner, COO Pablo Quiroga, and head of operations Deb Lucas.

What can I buy with the Atlas token?

Players can use the ATLAS token as in-game currency to purchase assets, but they will also be able to buy NFTs on the NFT marketplace that will function as ships and other in-game equipment.

What is the purpose of an Atlas?

An atlas is a collection of various maps of the earth or a specific region of the earth, such as the U.S. or Europe. The maps in atlases show geographic features, the topography of an areas landscape and political boundaries. They also show climatic, social, religious and economic statistics of an area.

What is Apache Atlas?

What is Apache Atlas? Apache Atlas is an open source metadata management and governance system designed to help you easily find, organize, and manage data assets. Metadata is data that provides information about one or more aspects of your data.

What is the origin of the word atlas?

It is believed that the name atlas, meaning a collection of maps, came from the mythological Greek figure Atlas. Legend says that Atlas was forced to hold the earth and the heavens on his shoulders as a punishment from the gods. His image was often printed on books with maps and they eventually became known as atlases.

What are the different types of Atlas?

Types of Atlases. These sections include the topics of geology, plate tectonics, biogeography, and political and economic geography. The atlas then breaks the world down into continents, oceans and major cities to show political and physical maps of the continents as a whole and the countries within them.

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