Where is Benidorm located?

Benidorm is a town and municipality in the province of Alicante ( Valencian Community) on Spain s Mediterranean coast.

How many beaches are there in Benidorm?

Benidorm has three major beaches: Playa de Levante ( Valencian: Platja de Llevant ), Playa de Poniente (Valencian: Platja de Ponent) and Playa de Mal Pas (Valencian: Platja del Mal Pas ); all of them have had a blue flag since 1987, the maximum quality standard recognised by the European Union.

Why is Benidorm so popular with tourists?

Benidorm, on Spain’s famous Costa Blanca, is one of the country’s most popular holiday destinations for visitors from all over Europe. And for good reason. There’s sunny, mild weather all year, a long strip of sandy beach and plenty of bars, clubs an...

Is Benidorm on TV in the UK?

A TV series called Benidorm has aired on ITV (with replays on ITV2) in the UK. Actors include Jake Canuso, Steve Pemberton, Sheila Reid and comedian Johnny Vegas. Airing of the tenth series began in February 2018. Early morning exercise (organised by the local council).

Where is Benidorm located in Spain?

Benidorm. Benidorm ( /ˈbɛnɪdɔːrm/; Valencian: [beniˈðɔɾm]; Spanish: [beniˈðoɾ]) is a city and municipality in the province of Alicante in eastern Spain, on the Mediterranean coast. Benidorm has been a tourist destination within Spain since 1925, when its port was extended and the first hotels were built.

When did Benidorm become a tourist destination?

Benidorm has been a tourist destination within Spain since 1925, when its port was extended and the first hotels were built. However, the real boom of Benidorm as a coastal resort did not happen until the 1950s, when it became a famous summer destination for people coming from inland Spain, especially Madrid.

Where can I get free maps of Benidorm?

You can get free maps of Benidorm by visiting the tourist information office (or kiosk as it is really) just outside the Morgan Tavern bar which is featured on the television series Benidrom. This is actually where many of the biggest hotels in benidorm are located such as the Sol Pelicanos.

Where is Benidorm old quarter?

Benidorms Old Quarter is situated on the promontory that seperates the 2 main beaches. This origianly was the old fishing village that developed into the tourist mecca that Benidorm has become.

Levante Beach is 2084 metres long, 55 metres wide and 125785 square metres. How long is the Poniente Beach in Benidorm? The Levante Beach is 3100 meters long, 105 meters wide and 146239 square meters. Operation of the Beaches: COVID-19, Booking, Pitches…

How much do sunbeds cost in Benidorm?

When did Benidorm become the most visited tourist destination?

Between 1930 and 1970 it became one of the most visited tourist destinations. The fact that it’s in one of the most southern regions of Spain and is faces the sun is one of the many reasons so many people were drawn to Benidorm.

Why choose Benidorm for your family holiday?

With all the family attractions available, Benidorm has been described as one of the most family-oriented holiday destinations in Spain and Europe. In addition to large shopping and commercial areas.

How much of Benidorms income is due to tourism?

For the majority of the local people tourism is their income in one way or another, with 85% of income being from tourism. Benidorm is the most affluent area of Spain due to tourism.

What is the weather like in Benidorm?

And even better, Benidorm has its very own micro climate with average highs of around 28˚C throughout the summer months. The region is also protected by a mountain range which means holidaymakers can expect around 330 days of sunshine a year.

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