Where is Portalegre located?

The municipality is located by the Serra de São Mamede in the Portalegre District . Its name comes from the Latin Portus Alacer (meaning cheerful port). The municipal holiday is 23 May. According to the 2001 census the city of Portalegre had 15,768 inhabitants in its two parishes (Sé and São Lourenço).

What is the weather like in Portalegre?

Portalegre has a Mediterranean climate (Köppen: Csa) with hot, dry summers and mild winters. Its position at the foot of Serra de São Mamede gives it cooler day temperatures, higher precipitation and lower insolation than the surrounding municipalities.

What happened to the 3rd Count of Portalegre of Portugal?

The 3rd Count of Portalegre, D. Álvaro da Silva, was succeeded by his granddaughter, D. Filipa da Silva, thanks to a royal dispensation of the Lei Mental, which stated that all Crown assets, including titles of nobility, could only be inherited by male primogeniture. Filipa married twice, in both cases with distant cousins.

When did Portalegre become the capital of the homonymous district?

Portalegre becomes capital of the homonymous district when the districts were formed on 18 July 1835.

What is the capital of Portalegre?

Portalegre District ( Portuguese: Distrito de Portalegre [puɾtɐˈlɛɣɾ (ɨ)] ( listen)) is located in the east of Portugal. The district capital is the city of Portalegre . As of 2021, it is the least populous district of Portugal.

What to do in Portalegre?

In Portalegre, a city easily manageable on foot, there is also the Portuguese poet José Régio Museum House. On the outskirts, attention goes to the views from the Church of Nossa Senhora da Penha (Our Lady of Suffering) and the Church of Bonfim, Located on the road heading to Marvão and Castelo de Vide, both are well worth a closer look.

What does Portalegre mean in football?

Portalegre Football Association, a district governing body for the all football competitions in the Portuguese district of Portalegre. Portalegre wine, a Portuguese wine region centered on the Portalegre. Count of Portalegre, was a Portuguese title of nobility.

Is Portalegre in Alentejo or Portugal?

Although the landscape of the municipalities north of Portalegre is still typically Alentejo, with relatively flat areas alternating with mostly relatively low hills, Portalegre is often described as a transition zone between the drier, flat Alentejo and the Beiras, wetter and mountainous.

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