Prosegur smart

prosegur smart

Why Prosegur security?

Prosegur Security. Prosegur Security provides comprehensive security services with high added value by combining latest technologies and the best professionals. The company has a permanent focus on technological innovation that allows it to be integrated into the value chain of each business segment.

What is Prosegur cash?

Prosegur Cash is a leading global provider of cash in transit and cash processing services to financial institutions, retailers, government agencies and central banks, mints, jewellers and other commercial operations around the world.

What is Prosegur cipher?

Cipher is Prosegur’s global cybersecurity division. We are a leading provider of specialized Business Process Outsourcing solutions for the financial services and insurance industries. We have a presence in 26 countries, and our aim is to offer services with a high level of added value.

Is Prosegur owned by Telefónica?

Prosegur and Telefónica join forces Both companies reach an agreement to jointly manage the Alarm business in Spain. First half results 2019 Sales reached €2,055 million. In local currency, Prosegur’s operations reported growth of 14.0%.

Who is Prosegur?

Prosegur was founded in 1976 by Herberto Gut. It began as a private security company, with a particular focus on power plants, industrial facilities and shopping centres. In 1987, it became the first security company to list on the Madrid Stock Exchange, and remains the largest company in the private security industry in Spain.

Why choose Prosegur for cybersecurity?

A full range of protective services against cyber threats. Protecting 49 U.S. data centers and over a hundred facilities abroad, Prosegur offers the most comprehensive risk management program for data centers and tech campuses in the industry.

What happened to Prosegur cash?

In March 2017, Prosegur demerged its cash business, which listed separately on the Madrid Stock Exchange. Prosegur Cash remains majority owned by Prosegur. Prosegur operates in 26 countries across four continents. Prosegurs entry into new markets, and subsequent expansion has often been through acquisition.

Why choose cipher managed security services?

Cipher Managed Security Services offer a diversified portfolio of 24/7 managed security services to respond to demand of a wide variety of threats through a flexible, customised and complete solution.


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