Best things to do in lisbon

best things to do in lisbon

What to do in Lisbon Portugal for free?

25 Best Things to Do in Lisbon (Portugal): 1 1. Wonder at the Torre de Belém. Source: flickr Torre de Belém. 2 2. Ride Tram 28. 3 3. Get lost in the Alfama District. 4 4. Make a trip to Sintra. 5 5. Enjoy the azulejos in the National Tile Museum. More items

Where are the best places to drink in Lisbon?

But at Park, drinks are available on the sixth floor, so you’ll be far from the actual cars. Phones at the ready – the view it has over Lisbon is one of the most instagrammables, as are the cocktails. Plus, there are usually DJs to liven things up.

What is Lisbon famous for?

Like San Francisco in the United States, Lisbon is a city famed for its historic, rattling tram lines. None are more iconic than Tram 28 which has been working its way up the steep, cobbled roads and into the old Alfama district for decades.

What to do in the Central Park of Lisbon?

Lisbon’s sloping “central park” offers a view of downtown Lisbon, with symmetrical box hedging pointing to the river. On one side is a beautifully-tiled pavilion which hosts special events, and on the other are small lakes and a greenhouse filled with exotic species of plants from tropical climates. See the Edward VII Park Visitors Guide .

What to do in Lisbon in summer?

Listen to some sexy saxo beats. If you visit Lisbon in summer, get yourself down to the free MEO jazz festival which runs from 2 nd May- 27 th September in open spaces and gardens across the city. Pack a picnic and some beers and prepare yourself for some great music and a friendly vibe every Saturday and Sunday night from 5pm.

Are there any free parks in Lisbon?

Generally, the parks, garden and markets are almost always free. Some parks and garden around Lisbon you can relax, walk, jog or even take some drinks and enjoy some green. Here are a few of the free parks in Lisbon: Jardim da Estrela;

Is Lisbon worth visiting without spending money?

Its easy to enjoy Lisbon without breaking the bank, and the Portuguese capitals biggest draws are outdoors: from astounding views at hilltop miradouros (lookouts) to tranquil squares and magical strolls in Alfama. Many hostels also offer free walking tours.

Where are the best beaches in Portugal?

Some of Portugal’s best beaches are near Lisbon. Easiest reach are Estoril and Cascais. Take the train from Lisbon to the Atlantic. It runs along the Tagus estuary. Alternatively head to Caparica. Its a ferry ride from Lisbon and popular with surfers.

What to do in Lisbon?

Other than impressive and famous buildings like Belem Tower or the Cathedral of Lisbon, the ones that everyone will recognize are the colorful houses of the old town. Walking through it´s charming and narrow streets. is one of the things you must do when visiting Lisbon!

How difficult is it to visit Lisbon on your own?

Lisbon is notoriously hilly – it’s made up of no fewer than 7 – so, despite being relatively compact, it can be challenging to take in entirely on foot. Thankfully, the city’s famous trams are on hand to help you see the sights.

What are the best trams in Lisbon?

The most famous Lisbon tram is number 28. Although the ride of the tram 28 is amazing and you get to see some of the most popular neighborhoods, in our opinion it isn´t worth it. Not because it´s expensive (which it isn´t) but mainly because it´s almost all the time crowded, and the experience is way better if you go walking.

What are the best districts in Lisbon to live in?

Conveniently served by the photogenic number 28 tram route, Alfama is famed for being Lisbon’s oldest district – but there’s more to it than just history. The area has a solid choice of quirky shops and cafés, some good viewpoints, and an artisanal atmosphere.

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