Portugal for ukraine gov pt

portugal for ukraine gov pt

What is the Portugal for Ukraine platform?

The Portugal for Ukraine platform aims to combine in one place all the Portuguese State actions underway regarding the conflict in Ukraine, in terms of international action, sending humanitarian aid and the integration and hosting of displaced persons in Portugal. What is your current situation and how can we help?

What is the situation in Ukraine for people moving to Portugal?

Given the conflict situation in Ukraine, the Portuguese government has applied the temporary protection regime for people who are moving from Ukraine to Portugal.

How can I join the Portuguese education system as a Ukrainian?

I am a Ukrainian citizen and I intend to join the Portuguese education system. What can I do? You may contact the Qualifica Centre or an educational institution near your place of residence. You can find a Qualifica Centre’s location on the Qualifica Portal available at: www.qualifica.gov.pt.

How can we improve the quality of Education in Ukraine?

Students must be given other activities that foster language immersion, interpersonal relations, inclusion at school and a sense of belonging, namely tutoring and mentoring, clubs, and sports. I am a Ukrainian citizen and I intend to join the Portuguese education system.

What is the Portuguese government doing to help people from Ukraine?

The Portuguese Government grants temporary protection to people coming from Ukraine as a result of the war situation. The Portugal News provides, free, independent, honest and unbiased news in print, online, on social media and in emailed newsletters.

Are there a lot of Ukrainians in Portugal?

Ukrainians in Portugal From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Ukrainians constitute the second-largest foreign community residing in Portugal, with 44,074 residents in 2012, and 52,293 in 2009, according to the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF). Only the Brazilian immigrant community is larger.

What is SEF for Ukraine and how to apply?

The SEFforUkraine.sef.pt platform “enables all Ukrainian citizens and their family members (household), as well as any foreign citizen residing in Ukraine, to make an online request for temporary protection of one year, extendable for two periods of six months”, according to SEF.

What is the process for temporary protection in Portugal?

During the process for temporary protection in Portugal, citizens who request it have access to tax, Social Security and National Health Service numbers, so they can benefit from these services and enter the job market. The platform also contains information on other aspects of reception and integration of displaced people.

How can international students enroll in Ukrainian schools in Portugal?

In Portugal, for instance, international students can enrol pre-K directly while older students get assessed and go through transition processes (either in schools or reception centres). The goal is to integrate Ukrainian students as soon as possible.

What is primary and secondary education like in Portugal?

Primary and secondary education is compulsory by law in Portugal and all children must be in school full-time between the ages of six and 18. Categorised into four main stages, the Portuguese education system is divided in the following way:

What is education like in the Ukraine?

Education in the Ukraine is compulsory from age 6 to age 15. The first 4 years are at elementary younger school. This introduces them to their school career in which they will be taught art and sciences from a practical orientation, so that they will be able to use them too, in later life.

Can Ukrainian students study in Romanian schools?

The Ministry of Education stated on 4 March 2022 that Ukrainian students can register in Romanian compulsory education schools as ‘auditors’ and once study equivalence procedures are completed, the auditors can be transformed into ‘students’. In Romania, 45 primary schools and ten high schools operate in Ukrainian.

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