Nike zoom

nike zoom

What is the Nike Zoom?

Nike Zoom is our innovative and explosive cushioning system designed for speed and agility. The technology uses pressurized air and tightly stretched fibers to absorb impact and then snap back for fast movement and reduced stress

What makes tempo next% different from Nike Zoom airs?

Although Zoom Air is a longstanding Nike innovation, in the Tempo NEXT% we’ve isolated the pods from the surrounding foam, which allows runners to experience greater energy return. A full-length plate in the midsole helps stabilize the Zoom Air pods while also providing a propulsive feel with every stride.

What are Zoom Air running shoes?

Athletes of every caliber want to feel responsiveness under their feet – which Zoom Air technology delivers. Zoom Air made its original performance debut in three styles: the Nike Air Marauder football cleat, the Nike Air Go LWP basketball shoe, and soon after, the Nike Air Zoom LWP running shoe.

What makes the Nike Zoom Vapor Tour tennis shoes so special?

Created for a full speed attack, the Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour tennis shoe helps athletes quickly move from shot to shot during fast-paced matches with Nike Zoom Air units that deliver low profile, responsive cushioning.

Nike’s latest iteration of the shoe, the Air Zoom Vapor X, carries the lineage forward, replacing the 9.5 Tour. Overall, it remains one of the best shoes on the market, but it’s not for everyone. In this guide, we dive deep and put the shoe to the test to help you determine whether you’d like to give it a try. New to TennisCompanion?

Whats new with Nikes Vapor sneakers?

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