What is Geostar LLC?

We are glad to welcome you on the official website of Geostar LLC! Our company was founded in 1999 in St.-Petersburg with the participation of company AIP-MITTAUS OY SURVEYING LTD. We present a wide range of topographic and geodetic services and engineering surveys.

What is the GEOStar-2 satellite?

The GEOStar-2 bus satellite is a modular, mass efficient structure, designed for simplified integration to reduce manufacturing cycle times. The structure is supported by a composite thrust cylinder, to which the bus, payload, nadir and base panels are connected.

Why porquê Geostar?

Porquê a GeoStar? A melhor oferta, de voos, hotéis, pacotes, cruzeiros e rent-a-car para realizar a sua viagem. Encontre tudo o que precisa para as férias num só local. Atendimento personalizado e exclusivo para as necessidades de cada cliente. Olá !

What country is Geostari from?

Geostari ( Georgian: ჯეოსტარი) is the Georgian franchise of the Idol series, which airs on Rustavi 2. Georgia is the fifth former Soviet country to have acquired an Idol franchise after Armenia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, and Russia.

What can Geostar do for You?

The notional operational GeoSTAR system will provide temperature soundings in the 50-60 GHz band range with a horizontal spatial resolution of 50 km and water vapor soundings and rain mapping in the 183 GHz band with a spatial resolution of 25 km.

What is the Geostar System?

The objective of the notional GeoSTAR system is to produce temperature soundings within the troposphere for most of the visible Earth disk (out to an incidence angle of 60º or more) with a 2-4 km vertical resolution every 30 minutes and humidity soundings with a vertical resolution of 3-4 km every 5-10 minutes. 14) 15) 16)

What is gegeostar?

GeoSTAR is an atmospheric microwave sounder concept with rain mapping capabilities which employs a 2-D spatial interferometric system also known as sparse array synthetic aperture radiometry.

What are the advantages of the high frequency Geostar approach?

The greatest advantage of the high frequency GeoSTAR approach is that high spatial resolution is easily achieved. This is because the antenna size required to achieve a certain spatial resolution is inversely proportional to the frequency.

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