Af coimbra

af coimbra

What is the Orfeon Académico de Coimbra?

The Orfeon Académico de Coimbra is an autonomous organization of the students union Associação Académica de Coimbra, established in 1880 by a law student of the University of Coimbra (UC), and the fado section of UCs Associação Académica de Coimbra itself, are important organizations in Coimbra fado promotion and preservation.

Where is Coimbra located?

The historic city of Coimbra is located centrally within the municipality, connected to Lisbon (197 km (122 mi)) and Porto (116 km (72 mi)) by the IC2, IP3 and A1 motorways.

Why study in Coimbra?

Coimbra has been called A cidade dos estudantes (The city of the students) or Lusa-Atenas (Lusitan-Athens), mainly because it is the site of the oldest and one of the largest universities in Portugal – the University of Coimbra, a public university whose origins can be traced back to the 13th century.

How to get to Coimbra by train?

Coimbra has several rail stations. The principal station Coimbra-B is on the main line between Porto and Lisbon. In addition, the train-hotel Lusitania connects Coimbra and Madrid every night. From this station, a small spur runs to Coimbra-A, the main station in the city centre.

Coimbra is definitely a place to visit, being Portugal’s easiest-to-enjoy-city; without the intensity of a big metropolis. Where is Coimbra located? Coimbra is located on the northern bank of the Mondego River between the central Portuguese districts of Aveiro and Viseu.

When did Coimbra become the capital of Portugal?

How is the quality of student accommodation in Coimbra?

The quality of the Coimbra based student accommodation is extremely good and any independent reviews that you read online generally all give them the thumbs up. In a perfect location in the city, you will be very close to the restaurants, bars but also the university.

Is Coimbra Portugal’s answer to Oxford?

Many regard Coimbra to be Portugal’s answer to Oxford over in the UK due to the fact that around a quarter of the entire population are students. This equates to an impressive 40,000 or more students living in Coimbra every single academic year.

What is the Coimbra Academic Association?

In addition to the aforementioned higher education establishments, the Coimbra Academic Association, or Associação Académica de Coimbra (AAC), is significant to student life in Coimbra.

Does Coimbra University remind you of Hogwarts?

At Coimbra University, you may first notice the student uniforms, and you’re not alone if they remind you of Hogwarts. Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling began writing the first book of the HP series in Portugal, and the similarities may hit you like a quaffle to the face.

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