What to do in porto portugal

what to do in porto portugal

What to do in Porto Portugal today?

25 Best Things to Do in Porto (Portugal) 1 1. Cais da Ribeira. Source: flickr Cais da Ribeira. 2 2. Serralves Museum & Villa. 3 3. Luís I Bridge. 4 4. Church of São Francisco. 5 5. Palácio da Bolsa. More items

Where to go for a night out in Portugal?

After this wonderful moment, there are several places where people can go to enjoy what’s left of a long night. Many are those who go to the riverbanks, to the Ribeira of Porto or Gaia, and spend joyful moments there in the company of family or friends.

Where are the best places to visit in Portugal?

Other top detours include Mirigaias Rua São Pedro de Miragaia and Rua Miguel Bombarda and the car park at Trindade, with works by street art demigods MrDheo and Hazul Luzah. Porto’s west coast location, at the intersection of the North Atlantic Ocean and the Douro River, makes for some epic sunsets.

What to do in Porto without drinking alcohol?

The promenade has a lovely atmosphere too so even if you don’t drink or enjoy Porto you can still take a stroll in this lively area, get something to eat and listen to live music.

Which is the best place to live in Portugal?

1 Lisbon. 2 Algarve. 3 Obidos. 4 Sintra. 5 Madeira. 6 Porto. 7 Evora. 8 Aveiro. 9 Azores. 10 Coimbra. More items...

Where to go in Portugal for a week?

17 Best Places to Visit in Portugal. 1 1. Lisbon. Stretching along the banks of the Tagus River near the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal’s capital and largest city winds upward among seven steep ... 2 2. Algarve. 3 3. Sintra. 4 4. Madeira. 5 5. Porto. More items

What are the 10 major cities in Portugal?

1 Madeira. 2 Porto. 3 Lisbon. 4 Ericeira. 5 Algarve. 6 Alentejo. 7 Sintra. 8 Óbidos. 9 Serra da Estrela. 10 Coimbra. More items...

What to do in Lisbon Portugal?

1. St George’s Castle. This is one of the best attractions that define Portugal travel and is one of the most popular places to visit in Lisbon. It is located near Alfama on the crown of a hill and its battlements, museums, and stunning archaeology make this castle a must-visit place for every tourist.

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