Discord ceo

discord ceo

Who is the discord CEO and how did he become famous?

Before Citron became the Discord CEO, his life revolved around technology. In an interview with Medium, Citron shared that his father was the first person to introduce him to the tech world. By his 13th birthday, the Discord CEO had taught himself QBASIC, created a video game, and took a computer programming class.

How many employees does discord have?

Discord has 26 current employee profiles, including Co-Founder and CEO Jason Citron. Discord has 7 board members and advisors, including Nabeel Hyatt. Search Contacts... Discord has 26 current employee profiles, including Co-Founder and CEO Jason Citron.

Why did we start discord?

At the time, all the tools built for this job were slow, unreliable, and complex. Jason and Stan knew they could make a better service that encouraged talking, helped form memories, and recreated the feeling of togetherness all found through gaming. So, in 2015, Stan and Jason started to bring Discord to life.

What are Discord’s values?

We want you to build genuine relationships with your friends and communities close to home or around the world. Original, reliable, playful, and relatable. These are the values that connect our users and our employees at Discord. Discord was started to solve a big problem: how to communicate with friends around the world while playing games online.

Who is the CEO of discord?

Jason Citron is the co-founder and CEO of Discord, one of the largest chat platforms for gamers with over 150 million users. Jason pivoted from game development in 2015 and launched Discord with the goal of bringing players together around the games they love.

What was discord before discord?

Discord before Discord was actually a gaming studio that developed multiplayer games, and they were developing games that used a voice function to communicate. This was when the team realized that there are problems with voice chat functions within multiplayer games and wanted to work towards solving that problem.

Who invested in Discord’s last fundraising?

In a reversal of how things usually work in Silicon Valley, Index Ventures’ Danny Rimer, whose firm had invested in Discord’s last fundraising in December 2018, called them in February to offer more money.

Is discord becoming more mainstream?

With the prominence of the Coronavirus, Discord has become more mainstream as there has become a higher demand for server access. There have also been outages occurring in servers due to the high amounts of users, as servers have not been able to accommodate such a large amount of users before.

What is the history of discord?

Discord started as a game company making a mobile game called Fates Forever In the ancient days, Discord started as a browser only app. You can type /tenor or /giphy + anything to find a GIF for that topic! Hide muted channels in a server by right clicking the server name. *Do note I have NO WAY of knowing if I have them all or not!

Why do people use discord for non gaming things?

It was now in the era of Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox and so many other games where being together was far more important than the activity on the screen. People had used Discord for non-gaming things from the early days of the service — as many as 30% of servers were about something else — but the team had never paid them much attention.

Do you need a discord account to start a Discord server?

By default most Discord servers dont require an account and you can just jump in with a nickname. No registering unless the server owner specifies an registered account is required. This low barrier I feel is key in the adoption rate. A hierachy? What do you mean by that?

What happened to discords voice technology?

The Discord team ended up completely rebuilding its voice technology three times in the first few months of the apps life. Around the same time, it also launched a feature that let users moderate, ban and give roles and permissions to others in their server. That was when people who tested Discord started to immediately notice it was better.

How much is Discord worth? A November 2020 Forbes report stated that the chat app was worth approximately $7 billion, doubling in value in less than a year. In June that same year, the chat app got a funding of $100 million at an estimated $3.5 billion valuation. The company has about 140 million monthy users, according to The Verge.

Is discord worth it?

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