Tennis tips

tennis tips

Is there a tennis betting tips Forum?

Yes! We have a popular tennis betting tips forum where you can discuss the matches taking place today and work together with other tipsters to form profitable daily tennis predictions, this is a great help if you are looking to learn more about how to bet on tennis.

What are the best Tennis Tips for a beginner?

This tip goes hand in hand with the tip above. You should never try and break the patterns of play that you set before the match. This not only breaks you down mentally because you start overthinking but also starts to take a physical toll on you. If your forehand is strong, always try and hit with that.

How to deal with weak opponents in tennis?

If you see an opponent with a very weak backhand, make them play it several times. They will be extremely annoyed at the consistency with which you are putting the ball to their backhand and you will win the match quite easily. When playing a match, you should strive for efficiency.

Do we have the best tennis tipsters online?

Our top 4 tennis tipsters have all in the last 6 months shown a level stakes profit of over 30 points during that period, many are boasting strike rates over 50% and ROIs over 40%! We do think we have the best tennis tipsters online!

Which sport is better tennis or table tennis?

Tennis is more fun but table tennis more accessible. To watch at a professional level I feel tennis is way more entertaining, I barely watch table tennis. Enjoy both nonetheless. Both are such great sports. Don’t make me choose. 1). Can play at any level and enjoy the game 2).

Why is it hard to play tennis against a weak opponent?

Playing tennis against a weaker opponent is harder than you might think. The fear of losing to an inferior player can cause you to hit the ball timidly, while overconfidence can lead to a string of unforced errors. Either one can lead to an unnecessary loss.

How do you deal with power in tennis?

Keeping your opponent moving side-to-side is usually a good play, so that they have less time to prepare and fewer opportunities to step into the ball to take a big swing. That covers what you can do to try to neutralize your opponents power.

How do you play against a weaker opponent?

Playing a weaker opponent is a mental challenge—and one that requires patience and focus. The first rule is to never underestimate a player who has less experience, isnt as skilled as you are or has a lower NTRP rating.

What is the best strategy to win a tennis match?

Sometimes your opponent can hit the ball so hard, its all you can do. The best strategy is to get the ball back over the net and force them to hit another shot. Just because your opponent hit two big shots in a row does not mean they can hit three.

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