Supermarkt lissabon

supermarkt lissabon

What are the supermarket hours in Lisbon?

Re: Supermarket in Lisbon? For what I know the supermarket is open only until 22h. Lidl is not that far away and is open until 21h and Pingo Doce until 20h30. If you want to go to supermarkets open until later get in the subway and go to Colombo Mall or Vasco da Gama Mall.

What supermarkets are in Portugal?

What Supermarkets are in Portugal? 1 Continente (700 Stores) 2 Minipreco (620 Stores) 3 Pingo Doce (450 Stores) 4 Lidl (255 Stores) 5 Intermarche (200 Stores) 6 Spar (130 stores) 7 Aldi (73 stores) 8 Apolonia (3 Stores) More ...

Where to find hypermarket in Lisbon?

Hypermarket situated at Rua Professor Azinhaga dos Ulmeiros, 1600-776 Lisbon. Rua Cidade de Bolama, nº4, 1800-079 Lisbon. Chain of local neighbourhood supermarkets offering groceries, hygiene, drugstore and pet products.

Where to buy food in Lisbon and Porto?

In both Lisbon and Porto, the main supermarket is Mercado Brasil Tropical. Those that don’t have a local Brazilian supermarket will find everything they need, from Tapicoca flour to Paçoca, at online shops like Sabor Brasil.

What time do shops open in Lisbon?

Shops in the centre of Lisbon are open from Monday to Friday, until 7 or 8 pm. Some smaller shops also break for lunch from 1 to 3 pm, but the larger shops and chains wont take this break and will also normally open on Saturday mornings. From 7 pm onwards, the large shopping centres and souvenir shops will still be open.

Where to buy food in Lisbon?

In the Picoas district is the Mercado 31 de Janeiro (market 31st January), one of the most modern in Lisbon. Its style is contemporary and easily recognizable thanks to the multicoloured azulejos that cover it. You will find a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and seafood.

What is the busiest market in Lisbon?

MERCADO DE BENFICA – The neighbourhood market with the largest number of visitors in Lisbon This market was inaugurated in October 1971 to allow the inhabitants of the rapidly developing Benfica district to be supplied with fresh products. It is the busiest market in the Portuguese capital, with an average of 3000 visitors per day.

What to do in Lisbon for a weekend?

Many of the clothes are vintage, and there’s plenty of second-hand treasures to be found as well. The market takes place on Sunday between 11 am and 6 pm. On Sundays, there’s LX Rural: a small fruit and vegetable market, which takes place between 9:30 am and 4 pm. The Anjos flea and craft market is one of the largest creative markets in Lisbon.

Where to find a supermarket in Portugal?

Even if you only have a small supermarket nearby (like a Spar or a Minipreço), you can easily get by if you’re near a municipal market. Continente is the largest supermarket chain in Portugal, with stores located throughout mainland Portugal and on some of the islands (Madeira and São Miguel in The Azores).

What are the largest supermarket chains in Lisbon?

Pingo Doce, Continente to name the two largest. 2. Re: Supermarket chains Inside the city youll probably find chains like Minipreço, Bom Dia (part of Continente group), and Pingo Doce easily than Continente. But all depends on where your apartment is.

What is the best shopping center in Lisbon?

Best Shopping Malls and Centers in Lisbon. 1 CascaiShopping. Outside the City. Photo courtesy of CascaiShopping. Set west of the city center near the coastal resort of Cascais, this sprawling ... 2 Oeiras Parque. 3 Atrium Saldanha. 4 Amoreiras Shopping Centre. 5 Embaixada. More items

What are the markets like in Lisbon?

The city isnt particularly big on markets, but there is a flea market (called Feira da Ladra) by the National Pantheon every Saturday and Tuesday mornings, and a colorful market of fresh produce open every morning on the waterfront (Mercado da Ribeira).

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