Porto metro map

porto metro map

What is the Porto Metro?

Flexity Outlook Eurotram train of the Porto Metro at Trindade station. The Porto Metro (Portuguese: Metro do Porto), part of the public transport (mass transit) system of Porto, Portugal, is a light rail network that runs underground in central Porto and above ground into the citys suburbs.

How do I get around in Porto?

Porto has a light rail transportation system that mostly resembles a tram. There are 6 lines, 81 stations and a 67-kilometer (42-mile) route. The metro operates from 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. Fares are calculated by zone and a basic ticket is €1.20 ($US 1.36) Service is available from the metro to the Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport.

How much does it cost to use the Metro in Portugal?

Depending on the time of day, the metro can pass every 4 to 15 minutes. A single ticket costs € 1.20 ( US$ 1.40). If you purchase the Porto Card or the Andante Tour Card, you’ll have unlimited access to the city’s metro system.

How safe is Porto Metro?

Porto is an extremely safe city and its metro is no exception. I have never had any problems in Porto Metro. Some lines can, however, be a bit less safe than others, since they operate between neighbourhoods that are not the safest around. But in general, there are no incidents in Porto metro, so you can use it as you need. Is Porto Metro fast?

What does Porto Metro stand for?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Porto Metro ( Portuguese: Metro do Porto ), part of the public transport (mass transit) system of Porto, Portugal, is a light rail network that runs underground in central Porto and above ground into the citys suburbs.

How does the Porto Metro work?

The system is run by ViaPORTO. Porto Metro train. Line A (blue line) between Senhor de Matosinhos and Trindade in central Porto was the first Porto Metro line to open, in 2002. The line was extended in 2004 to Estádio do Dragão, in time for the Euro 2004 Football championship. On April 14, 2005, Line B (red line) opened.

How many lines does the Porto Metro have?

Porto metro operates with 6 lines distributed across the city, making sure it covers its most important points (not only for tourists but also for the people who live in the city, who use the metro a lot to work and to get home – see this guide for tips about living in Porto ).

Is there a metro system in Portugal?

Metros in Portugal: Porto Metro. Porto has a light rail metropolitan transit system that mostly resembles a tram. However, it can be distinguished by the exclusive routes it serves and the streets solely accessible by its vehicles. The system serves seven of the metropolitan’s municipalities.

How much does it cost to go to Porto Airport using Metro?

Example of price coming or going to Porto Airport using Metro. In this case, you’ll need to get a card (andante – the blue paper one) as well, which costs € 0,60 and your journey will cost you €2.00. Once you bought it, you then need to validate the ticket before you enter the metro.

How much does it cost to travel in Portugal?

Porto Card - travel by public transportation, as well as free admission and discounts to museums, excursions and restaurants. Price of Porto card for 1 day 9,6 USD = 8.50 EUR Combined tickets for the bus, the metro and train cost 4,5 USD = 4 EUR for 1 day and 10,2 USD = 9 EUR for 3 days.

How much is a one-way Metro ticket in Lisbon?

A one-way metro trip in Lisbon costs €1.50 and must be purchased on a Viva Viagem card at any ticket machine in the underground station. If you have a card with valid zapping (pre-paid card) credit you do not need to purchase any top up credit.

How often do Metro Trains come in Lisbon?

The metro service operates daily from 6 a.m. until 1:30 a.m. and the trains usually come every 5 minutes during the day, but at night, be prepared to wait up to 10 minutes between trains. Be aware that trains can be crowded especially at rush hour and match days of Benfica and Sporting Lisbon.

The metro has 102 vehicles running all at the same time, so the speed is not a problem for Porto metro. Is it a good alternative for tourists? Yes. Not only to use it in the city centre but also to reach other points of interest spread around Porto.

How to use public transport in Porto?

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