Swatch colombo

swatch colombo

Why buy from Colombos watches?

At Colombos Watches we only work with the most exclusive and Luxury brands on the market, so you can enjoy the best watches at the best prices .

How much does a Swatch watch cost?

@BEATS — Kids Watches Swatch® official online store | Swatch® USA START FRESH WITH CLEAR Product type NEW GENT BIOSOURCED (Ø 41.00) CLEARLY NEW GENT $85.00 Product type GENT BIOSOURCED (Ø 34.00) CLEARLY GENT $75.00 Product type SKIN CLASSIC BIOSOURCED (Ø 34.00) CLEARLY SKIN $120.00 Product type BIG BOLD (Ø 47.00) CLEARLY BOLD

How much does a Bioceramic Swatch cost?

ONCE AGAIN $55.00 Product type GENT BIOCERAMIC (Ø 34.00) WHI_MEM M $80.00 Product type NEW GENT BIOSOURCED (Ø 41.00) RANDOM GHOST AGAIN $85.00 Product type NEW GENT BIOCERAMIC (Ø 41.00) BLA_DIV $90.00 Product type GENT (Ø 34.00) DIE GLOCKE $80.00 Selections Swatch x Peanuts Arrow right BIOCERAMIC Arrow right Design your Swatch

How many Swatch stores are there?

Swatch World Arrow right Our Doors Are Open We have more than 400 stores for you to visit and more than a 1,000 designs for you to discover. Location icon Discover our stores Find a Store Near You Arrow right

Is Swatch’s big bold bioceramic C-Black worth $125?

While the Big Bold collection from Swatch might not be everyone’s cup of tea, Bioceramic, as a material, should be on watch hobbyists’ radar as it makes its way into additional products. Price for the Swatch Big Bold Bioceramic C-Black is $125 USD. Learn more or order at the Swatch website here.

What is bioceramic Swatch?

Bioceramic debuts in a new collection of pieces in the larger Swatch Big Bold collection. There are nice models, to begin with, and with nearly as many Bioceramic case colors including black, white, gray, pink, and blue. The material itself very much feels like a synthesis between plastic and ceramic.

What kind of Watch is the big bold bioceramic?

The large visual proportions and bowl-like design make it feel both friendly and contemporary. The case is water-resistant to 30 meters and has a plastic crystal over the dial. This particular Big Bold Bioceramic watch is the reference SBO3B100 C-Black in all-black tone.

What is the size of Swatch big bold?

The Swatch Big Bold collection is an XL-sized watch that is 47mm-wide and 11.75mm-thick. It is very comfortable and wears elegantly thanks to its light weight and wrist-wrapping case and strap design.

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