What services does bank Zenit offer?

Bank ZENIT actively provides and promotes retail services, including mortgage loans, consumer and car loans, deposits, debit and credit cards, safe deposit boxes, etc. Corporate services include cash and settlement services, lending, acquiring, payroll projects, etc.

What is the history of Zenit?

The origins of Zenit date back to the beginning of the 20th century to several predecessor teams in Saint Petersburg that were playing locally.

Who owns Zenit St Petersburg?

The club is owned and sponsored by the Russian state-owned energy giant Gazprom. The team play its home matches at the Gazprom Arena . Zenits history is tightly connected with the political history of Saint Petersburg, Russia (also called Petrograd and Leningrad at times in its history).

Is there a Zenit app in English?

Download the new and improved Zenit app now in English! Visiting St. Petersburg! Golden Season: Zenit-TV and the road to the title! Zenit-TV: All three Russian trophies are ours!

Why choose bank Zenit?

Bank ZENIT’s top priority is provision of a full range of services to corporate and retail clients.

What is the history of Zenith Bank?

In 1999, Zenith bank embraced the use of the internet for marketing of financial services and to promote the use of online banking by consumers and becoming one of the earliest companies to invest in online banking.

Is Zenith Bank Nigeria’s Best Bank?

Today, Zenith is undoubtedly one of Nigeria’s strongest financial services institutions and one of the country’s largest banks by market capitalization, shareholders fund and profitability. The bank’s growth momentum has increased over time and impacted positively on its standing as a market leader.

How is Zenith Bank doing on sustainability?

In essence, Zenith Bank continues to make remarkable success on the sustainability agenda which is at the heart of its strategic and business models. As a result, Zenith bank is better positioned to continue on its growth trajectory and our desire to be a vital part of people’s lives and businesses.

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