Aeroporto lisboa terminal 2

aeroporto lisboa terminal 2

How do I get to Terminal 2 at Lisbon Airport?

Blue Air, easyJet, Norwegian, Ryanair, Transavia, and Wizz Air. How do I get to Terminal 2? You can reach Terminal 2 directly using the AeroBus, which leaves from Cais do Sodré and stops at key points in Lisbon. However, you can take any public transport to the airport. Once at the airport Terminal 1, just take the free shuttle to Terminal 2.

What terminal does easyJet fly out of in Lisbon?

In October 2010, European low-cost airline easyJet officially opened a new base at Lisbon Airport, exclusively using Terminal 2 for departures to 20 destinations. A free shuttle bus connects Terminal 1 Departures area and Terminal 2 every ten minutes.

Whats new at Lisbon Airport?

- Commercial areas have recently been expanded & upgraded, with an improved range of products and brands. Terminal 1 is used by all airlines serving Lisbon Airport, except low-cost airlines listed at Terminal 2.

What is the name of the airport in Lisbon?

Lisbon Airport. Humberto Delgado Airport ( IATA: LIS, ICAO: LPPT ), also known simply as Lisbon Airport, is an international airport located 7 km from the city centre of Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. The airport is the main international gateway to Portugal. It is the 20th largest airport in Europe in terms of passenger volume,...

What is the difference between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 in Lisbon?

Terminal 1 is the main hub of Lisbon airport and has a connection to the metro (the recommended means of travel to the airport). Terminal 2 has no connection to the metro and is 1km to the west of Terminal 1. There is a free shuttle bus connecting the terminals, which leaves from the outside...

What terminal is the airport in Lisbon?

On landing at Lisbon, the low-cost airlines park the planes in front of Terminal 2 and then you are taken by bus to Terminal 1 for immigration and to collect luggage. This is why there is such a long bus journey from the plane to the terminal building when you land at Lisbon.

How to get from Lisbon Airport to downtown?

Metro The Lisbon Airport has a Metro (subway) station with a direct line to the city centre. The Aeroporto – Saldanha line takes you to downtown Lisbon in about 20 minutes.

What terminal does Easy Jet leave from in Lisbon Airport?

El Dorado Hills... We are flying in to Terminal l, Lisbon Airport, from the US on Iberia and then 2 hours later leaving from Terminal 2 on Easy Jet to Madeira. When we originally booked the Iberia flight, Easy Jet left from the same terminal.

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