London lounge bar

london lounge bar

Are there any lounge bars in London?

Lounge Bars In London. London may be home to the traditional English pub, but nowadays there is a plethora of opportunities for those looking for something extra on their night out. Lounge bars arent just found in hotels or airports any more and theyve become hugely popular thanks their late closing times and the unique experiences they offer.

What makes a great cocktail lounge in London?

Cocktail lounges in London are all about three things: class, intimacy and relaxation. Weve put together a list of the swankiest lounge bars in London, with premium service and some of the coolest cocktail blends imaginable. Each with its own unique charm, chances are youll find something to suit any occasion - take a look!

What is the best Scandinavian Lounge in London?

Nordic is a Scandinavian lounge bar in Londons Fitzrovia district. The Scandinavian people may be renowned for their beauty and grace but nobody looks graceful playing fussball or ping pong after a few fruity ciders. On weekends you can expect the freshest music from live DJs and enough vodka cocktails to sink a ship or at least its captain.

What is London’s secret cocktail bar?

Housed beneath the famed Cinema sign in Dalston is the coveted secret cocktail bar – Ruby’s. It is renowned for its exceptionally quirky atmosphere evoked from its three different venues inside. First is the recently added Ruby’s Bar and Lounge which is inspired by the 1950s working man and is one of the best lounge bars in London.

This Secret East London Cocktail Bar Is Hidden Inside A Fridge • The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town Have you heard of the secret cocktail bar that’s hidden behind a fridge in an east London café? To get into most cocktail bars, you simply walk in from the street.

What is the best cocktail bar in London?

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