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benfica fc

What is the history of Benfica FC?

Clube Futebol Benfica (Portuguese pronunciation: [bɐ̃jˈfikɐ]), commonly known as Futebol Benfica, or simply as Fofó (Portuguese pronunciation: [fɔˈfɔ]), is a Portuguese sports club based in the Benfica neighborhood of Lisbon. The club was founded on 23 March 1933; however, the origins of the club can be traced back to 1895.

What does Benfica B mean?

Sport Lisboa e Benfica B, commonly known as Benfica B, is a Portuguese professional football team based in Seixal. Founded in 1999, dissolved in 2006, and restarted in 2012, it is the reserve team of Portuguese club S.L. Benfica. They play in the Liga Portugal 2, holding home matches at Benfica Campuss main pitch.

How many times has Benfica won the Primeira Liga?

Benfica was the first club to win the Primeira Liga and Taça da Liga double, moreover, a record four times. Benfica is the only club in Portugal to have successfully defended every major domestic title (Campeonato de Portugal, Primeira Liga, Taça de Portugal, Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira and Taça da Liga).

What is Benficas record in European football?

Therefore, for their international performance, Benfica were ranked first in European football in 1965, 66 and 69, and were presented with the France Football European Team of the Year award in 1968.

What is the history of Benfica?

The club was founded in 1904, under the name of Sport Lisboa; the same year, they merged with Grupo Sport Benfica and changed their name to Sport Lisboa e Benfica. Shortly after the Portuguese league was officially formed in 1934, Benfica emerged as its most dominant team, clinching three consecutive titles from 1936 to 1938.

Is Benfica a good football club?

Benfica was voted 12th in FIFA Club of the Century and ranked 9th in the IFFHS Top 200 European clubs of the 20th century. In UEFA, Benfica ranks 8th in the all-time club ranking and was 24th in the club coefficient rankings at the end of the 2020–21 season.

What happened to Sport Lisboa and Sport Benfica?

On 13 September 1908, Sport Lisboa acquired Grupo Sport Benfica by mutual agreement and changed its name to Sport Lisboa e Benfica. Despite the merger, they continued their respective club operations. For Sport Lisboa, they maintained the football team, the shirt colours, the eagle symbol and the motto.

When did Benfica win their first league title?

The following year, Benfica won their first league title since 1994, and the Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira. After that and until 2009, when Benfica won their first Taça da Liga – thus becoming the first club to win all major Portuguese competitions – they did not win any trophies and finished fourth in the 2007–08 league.

How many times have Benfica won the Portuguese League?

The Big Three (Portuguese: Os Três Grandes) is a nickname for the three most powerful sports clubs in Portugal. With the exception of Belenenses in 1945–46 and Boavista in 2000–01, only three clubs have won the Primeira Liga title – Benfica (37 times), Porto (29) and Sporting CP (19).

How many times has Benfica won the treble?

In 2014, Benfica achieved the first ever treble of Primeira Liga, Taça de Portugal and Taça da Liga. Benfica was the first club to win the Primeira Liga and Taça da Liga double, moreover, a record four times.

How many teams have won the Primeira Liga?

Over 70 teams have competed in the Primeira Liga, but only five have been crowned champions. Among them, the Big Three – S.L. Benfica (37 titles), FC Porto (28) and Sporting CP (18) – have won all but two Primeira Liga titles; the other winners are Belenenses (1945–46) and Boavista (2000–01).

What is Benficas 37th Primeira Liga title?

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