Honda nc750x

honda nc750x

Is the Honda NC750X a good bike?

For a seven-grand bike the Honda NC750X has a decent quantity of trinkets and baubles. It has a more sophisticated three-level traction control system than previous versions, linked to four riding modes – Rain, Standard, Sport, plus self-defined User.

How much does a Honda NC750X DCT cost?

HONDA & SCOOTERS EXCLUDED DCT VERSION ALSO AVAILABLE AT: £8,579 The NC750X has an adventure-oriented edge, with comfort for rider and pillion. A large windscreen gives great wind protection If you are looking for a fun, reliable and good-looking naked, then you should take a taste of the Honda NC750S, as it could be just what you want.

What is the difference between the Nissan NC700 and NC750X?

2016: Update turns the 700 into the NC750X, with more grunt and even smoother running from an enlarged 745cc twin thrumming out 54bhp. There’s a styling improvement, larger screen and lower seat, better colours, a larger storage compartment, plus improved front forks, enhanced modes and a better-function DCT option.

Is the NC750X too grown up for me?

During late 2016 and early 2017 we ran an NC750X as a long-term test bike, riding it all over Europe and giving it a thorough going over. We found it practical, likeable and fun, but a little too grown up in some ways.

What is the difference between Honda NC750X 2019 and 2021?

For 2021, the parallel-twin engine found in the Honda NC750X now produces 57.8bhp, an increase of 4bhp over the 2019 bike. Torque is increased by 1Nm to 69Nm @ 4,750rpm, and the engine is also now EURO5 compliant.

Is the Honda NC a good bike?

Ergonomics are superb, with the NC doing that cunning Honda thing of being comfortable regardless of your build. The twin-cylinder engine is flexible and extremely efficient, and with optional DCT (dual clutch transmission) it makes a great pillion bike. And with built-in storage bikes don’t get much more practical.

How good is the Honda NC700?

The NC700 – launched back in 2012 – has probably been more successful that most people were expecting it to be. It wasn’t, after all, a particularly exciting bike; serving up just 47bhp (making it A2 compliant), boasting almost eighty miles per gallon fuel economy, and with a redline of just 6,500rpm.

Is the Honda NC750X the unsung hero of British bikes?

Polite, mild mannered, and unpretentious, the Honda NC750X is the unsung hero of British biking.

What is the difference between a Honda NC700 and NC750?

Thanks to a 4mm bigger bore, the NC700 becomes the NC750 for 2014. Peak power is increased 54bhp and the torque is boosted to 50lbft while the engine also gains a second balancer shaft which, Honda claims, halves the amount of mechanical vibration.

How big is the spring pre-load on a Nissan NC700S?

Swingarm with mono-shock (adjustable spring pre-load), 120 mm (4,72 in) - NC700S / NC750S, NC750X (2021+) Honda NC700 / NC750: images, gallery.

How big is the swingarm on a Honda NC700?

Honda NC700 / NC750: specs. Swingarm with mono-shock (adjustable spring pre-load), 120 mm (4,72 in) - NC700S / NC750S, NC750X (2021+) Honda NC700 / NC750: images, gallery.

What kind of transmission does a Honda NC700S have?

The NC700X, NC750X, NC700S and NC700SA come with a six-speed manual gearbox while the Integra, NC700SD and the NC750X DCT come standard with a second generation of the six-speed dual-clutch transmission first used on the Honda VFR1200F.

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