Hp spectre x360

hp spectre x360

Why choose HP spectre x360 laptops?

Stunning from every angle, HP Spectre x360 Laptops are crafted from a single piece of aluminium with exact precision. Every Spectre x360 features a near borderless, high definition display. Whether you need maximum power or a longer battery you can customise the performance, fan speed and noise of your PC.

What is the thinnest X360 laptop ever made?

Unbelievably light. Precisely engineered and exquisitely crafted, the new 13-inch diagonal HP Spectre x360 is the thinnest x360 we’ve ever made measuring 13.8mm thin and 2.85lbs light. 8 More artisan than engineered

Whats new in the HP Spectre?

Prepare to accomplish more than you ever thought possible with HP Spectre. New! Includes 5G connectivity! Includes 5G connectivity! Intel® Core™ Processors.

How small is the spectre x360 screen?

Weve refined the Spectre x360, shaving away every unneeded centimeter to create a smaller design with a stunning, nearly borderless micro-edge display. Shrinking the bezel down to just 3.4mm let us fit the same 13.3-inch diagonal screen into a smaller, more striking frame. Unimaginably thin. Unbelievably light.

What is the difference between HP Envy vs HP Spectre?

When comparing HP ENVY vs HP Spectre lines, you’ll note that both have options for the standard laptop model and a 2-in-1 device. A standard laptop can be a good choice if you plan to use your computer solely for work purposes or gaming. These clamshell laptops tend to have more memory and better graphics cards.

How well does the HP spectre x360 perform in Dirt 3?

Even the Spectre x360s graphics performance has seen a sizeable increase. Its score of 920 on 3DMarks Firestrike benchmark is 14 percent higher than the showing by last years model. This gives the Spectre enough horsepower to reach a quite playable 40 frames per second at 1920 x 1080 and Medium settings in Dirt 3 Complete Edition.

Whats new on the HP spectre x360 13?

What you need to know HP announced a refreshed Spectre x360 13 today. The updated premium consumer laptop adopts Intels 11th Gen processors and will get a 5G option in 2021. The new Spectre x360 13 is expected to go on sale later in October starting at $1,200.

Is the HP Spectre getting a new processor?

The Spectre lineup includes some of HP’s best laptops, and it tends to get refreshed every time there’s new major hardware, such as a new generation of CPUs from Intel. However, nothing has been officially announced since Intel introduced Alder Lake CPUs, so you’ll need to wait a while longer if you want a newer version.

Are HP Spectre convertible laptops any good?

When it comes to Windows laptops, very few brands have the same reputation as the HP Spectre x360 line. This family of convertible laptops offers one of the most premium and beautiful designs you can find on a laptop, combined with high-end specs and portability.

Whats new on the HP 11th Gen laptops?

Beyond the move to Intels 11th Gen chips, youre getting a pretty standard generation-on-generation upgrade here. You can expect Thunderbolt 4 connectivity, along with a fingerprint reader, IR camera, and HPs integrated kill switch for the webcam.

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