Wordle portugal

wordle portugal

What São as Regras do Jogo wordle?

Quais são as regras do jogo Wordle? O objetivo principal do jogo é adivinhar a palavra escondida em 6 tentativas. Em cada linha, você precisa digitar qualquer palavra de 4 a 11 letras para descobrir quais letras estão na palavra-alvo.

How do I play wordle?

Just open mywordle.org on your phone, desktop, or tablet and select the number of words you would like to play with! Are you a master at five-letter words? Try to challenge yourself with seven-letter words! Do you scoff at seven-letter words? Level up with the maximum play at eleven letter words.

How many words are there in wordle?

Currently, Wordle has a basis of around 2,500 widely-recognizable English language words in it’s repertoire, meaning there are almost seven years of content at the ready. After that, it’s unclear what the future of Wordle will look like, with Wardle saying he isn’t sure if he wants to expand the game in any way.

What is O wordle?

O Wordle é um jogo onde não há pistas: o objetivo é descobrir um termo em português com cinco letras. Há seis tentativas, sendo que uma característica importante reside no facto de só poder utilizar palavras que constam do dicionário de português de Portugal.

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What is wordle, and where can I play it?

How many 5-letter words are there in wordle?

While there are close to 13,000 possible 5-letter words that are acceptable in the Wordle design (not excluding words with unique letters), the developer of Wordle, Josh Wardle, has further narrowed down the girth of the solution word list to a selection of 2,315 “eligible” words.

What is wordle?

For the uninitiated, Wordle is Mastermind for 5-letter words, plus some humblebragging on social media. The aim of the game is to guess an undisclosed word in six tries. On each guess, Wordle will tell you if each letter:

How many words are in the game wordle?

Wordle Words - All 2309 Words (Not in Order) No Spoilers! This is a full list of all the five letter word answers used by Wordle. These answers are not in order because we would hate to spoil the game for you!

How many possible solution words are there in wordle?

In Wordle, there are 2,315 possible solution words, and an additional 10,657 words that are accepted as guesses (“support words”). Therefore, our bot’s aim is to exploit the full set of 12,972 candidates to reduce the set of 2,315 solution words down to a single one in six tries.

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