Tesla model 3 price

tesla model 3 price

How much does a Tesla Model 3 cost?

Including destination charge, it arrives with a Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of about $39,990. What are the different models of Tesla Model 3?

Is the 2019 Tesla Model 3 a luxury electric car?

Although originally intended to be an electric car for the masses, the 2019 Tesla Model 3 is instead more of an all-electric alternative to compact luxury sedans.

What is the cheapest Tesla you can buy?

While the Model 3 is the cheapest Tesla you can buy, the $36,200 Standard Range model is available only by special order at physical Tesla stores; the least expensive version available to order online is the $39,190 Standard Range Plus. Whats New for 2020?

What is the 2019 Tesla Model 3’s overall rating on Consumer Reports?

The 2019 Tesla Model 3 ranked #2 in Luxury Hybrid and Electric Cars. Currently the Tesla Model 3 has a score of 8.4 out of 10 which is based on our evaluation of 20 pieces of research and data elements using various sources. #2 in Luxury Hybrid and Electric Cars.

How much does a Tesla Model 3 performance cost?

Finally, the Model 3 Performance includes a tweaked suspension and more power — lots more — with a 315-mile range and a $56,990 price tag. It’s worth noting that all of those prices include any delivery fees (something other automakers break out as destination charges), and Tesla does not negotiate.

How much does a Tesla cost?

Even more confusingly, Tesla tends to advertise its vehicles with a price including local incentives and deducting the amount drivers might expect to spend for gasoline on a similar model. These are useful numbers, but what’s the bottom line? Right now, Tesla asks $39,990 for the base Model 3, the Standard Range Plus with rear-wheel drive.

Is the Tesla Model 3 long range AWD the cheapest EV?

The Tesla Model 3 Long Range continues to pack a massive punch in the range and power department, all for a reasonable price. The 2022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD costs $51,990 and can provide 353 miles of range, which makes it the cheapest 350+ mile EV.

Do Tesla prices go up and down often?

Also, Tesla is notorious for changing the price of its models quite often, and they usually go up, not down. Here’s what you’ll have to pay to get behind the wheel of all present and future Tesla models, including the Model S, Model X, Model 3, and Model Y, as well as the upcoming Cybertruck and Semi and the future Roadster.

Is it cheaper to buy a used Tesla?

They can even increase in price when there’s a lot of demand and long wait times, which is why a used Model 3 isn’t necessarily the cheapest used Tesla you can buy. A used Model Y, on the other hand, depreciates at a predictable rate, so you can get last year’s model for a little below the $58,990 sticker price.

Which Tesla Model has the lowest starting price?

The short answer is that the Tesla Model 3 has the lowest starting price tag of all of the models currently available by the automaker. But the longer answer is that it depends on which features you need and whether you buy a new or used Tesla.

Which country has the most expensive Tesla Model 3?

Sweden takes home the prize for having the most pricey Tesla Model 3, which costs £49,151 (SEK559,900) to buy. Nevertheless, the Model 3 was the most bought electrical car in the first quarter of 2020 as 1,394 Model 3s were sold.

How much does a Tesla cost under $50K?

Being perfectly blunt, if you want a Tesla for under $50,000, the only option you have is the Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive. The base Model Y (Dual Motor) now starts at $58,990, a far cry from the $39,990 Model Y Standard Range available earlier this year.

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