Sony a7s iii

sony a7s iii

What is the ISO range of the Sony A7S III?

The Sony a7S III is a video-focused full-frame mirrorless camera with a 12 Megapixel BSI CMOS sensor. It uses an all-new dual-chip Bionz XR processor, which offers considerably more horsepower, allowing for faster autofocus/auto-exposure as well as high bitrate video. The camera offers an ISO range of 80-102400, which expands to 40-409600.

What does the Sony A7S III mean for 4K video?

Its essentially a native 4K camera with impressive video specs and a revised user interface. It can capture UHD 4K footage at up to 120p in 10-bit 4:2:2 encoding and promises 16-bit Raw video output. 10-bit 4:2:2 internal capture (in codecs including H.265 and All-I H.264) The Sony a7S III sell for around $3500.

What is the price of the Sony α7S III?

The Sony α7S III (model ILCE-7SM3) is a 12.2- megapixel full-frame mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera made by Sony. It was publicly announced on July 28, 2020 online with a suggested retail price of US$ 3,495 (body only) at the time. The α7S III is offered as a body only.

Is the Sony A7 IV a good camera?

The A7 IV is the jack of all trades in the A7 line-up. It shares interesting characteristics with the A7S III as well as other cameras such as the flagship A1.

What is the dynamic range of the Sony A7S III?

Dynamic range decreases in the Sony A7S III between 0.7 to 0.9 EV per stop increase in ISO up to ISO 800, where there’s a DR of just over 11 stops. The Canon EOS R5 loses a stop in DR between ISO 100 and ISO 200 to 13 stops, and the Panasonic drops at a rate of 0.8 EV per doubling of ISO to 13 stops at ISO 400.

Is the Sony A7S III good at low ISOs?

However, while it’s a good performer at low ISOs, it’s at high ISO values where the most significant benefits of this sensor lie, as we will see later. In our low-light ISO (Sports) category, which is an indicator of image quality at high sensitivities, the Sony A7S III measures a mid-to-high 2520 ISO value.

How good is the Sony A7S III BSI-CMOS sensor?

Overall, the Sony A7S III BSI-CMOS sensor has relatively high maximum color depth, good dynamic range at base (albeit optimized for high ISOs), and low noise at all ISO settings.

How does the Sony A7S compare to the other cameras?

The Sony a7S “beat the other cameras by about three full stops, meaning it can film in 1/8th the light and get the same video quality,” Northrup concludes. Northrup also compared the camera’s 4K video at high ISOs against the Panasonic GH4 and Samsung NX1.

Unfortunately, the a7S III does not offer DCI resolutions or true 24.00 fps frame rates. What slow motion recording can we use? In 4K, the a7S III can record at up to 120p, for 5x slow motion on a 24p timeline. And in Full HD you can hit 240 fps in the S&Q mode.

Does the Sony A7S III crop during recording?

Is there any crop during recording? No, the a7S III will not crop in for most 4K modes. However, at 4K 120p there will be a small 1.1x crop.

What is the maximum frame rate of the Sony a7siii?

How much is the Sony A7S III going to cost?

While this is going to be a powerful tool for most filmmakers, the leaked document mentions that the new Sony a7S III will be priced at a staggering €4,200 EUR (approximately $4,925 USD), or roughly double the price of the a7S II. Official news should be coming out soon, but expect the a7S III to hit shelves in September.

Is the Sony α7S III good for photography?

... With an amazingly wide standard ISO range of 80-102400 (expandable to 40-409600 for stills), the α7S III offers incredible creative opportunities. The newly-developed image sensor and image processing algorithms produce even cleaner images and more natural textures than the previous α7S II model, even when shooting in near total darkness.

What kind of sensor does the Sony A7S III have?

Although Sony has stuck with the same resolution as the A7S and A7S II, the A7S III has a new full-frame 12. 1Mp BSI CMOS sensor combined with a new Bionz XR processing engine.

Is the Sony A7S III weather-sealing?

Despite the A7S III not having an official weather-sealing rating, Sony has assured us that it can handle drizzle, and all the ports are under rubberized covers, on the left-hand side of the camera when its held lens-forward.

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