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Is Dominos Pizza coming to the Algarve?

The American brand Dominos Pizza will be opening in the Algarve Outlet, in Olhão, when the restructured and renamed Ria Shopping complex reopens later this year. Last night, the body of a 70-year-old fisherman was found inside one of the fishing equipment storage huts on Armação de Pêra beach. Read more ... Add new comment

How many bales of drugs have been seized in the Algarve?

Having seized a total of 28 bales on Friday, the Maritime Police have seized another 9 bales of drugs in Albufeira and Lagoa, totalling 315 kilos of hashish from several Algarve beaches over the weekend. Read more ... Add new comment

How many foreigners live in Portugal?

According to the provisional results of the 2021 Census, released last Thursday by the National Statistics Institute (INE), foreigners currently make up 5.3% of the population residing in Portugal, but 14.7% in the Algarve.

When can I Drive in Portugal with my UK licence?

The deadline for UK nationals resident in Portugal to drive with their valid UK licence has been extended until the end of 2022. Read more ... Good health is all about illness. We want to enjoy one and keep a wary eye on the other. Sounds easy enough, doesnt it? Does it? Where have you been ... Read more ...

Is Domino’s going out of business in Norway?

In October 2019, Domino’s Pizza Group announced it would exit those countries. Norway and Sweden haven’t been profitable markets for Domino’s, and are in different stages of development.

What countries does Domino’s Pizza operate in?

Domino’s Pizza Group, the U.K.-based franchise of American chain Domino’s Pizza Inc., operates restaurants in Iceland, Norway and Sweden. In October 2019, Domino’s Pizza Group announced it would exit those countries. Norway and Sweden haven’t been profitable markets for Domino’s, and are in different stages of development.

How many Domino’s are there in the UK and Ireland?

This will leave the company with 1,172 stores in the UK and Ireland, and a minority shareholding in its German operation, which is run by the Australian franchisee Domino’s Pizza Enterprises. The UK firm formed a joint venture with DPE in 2015 after struggling in Germany.

Why did Domino’s decline in Europe?

High labor costs, weakening economic conditions in Northern Europe and growing competition for a small delivery market contributed to Domino’s weak performance in those countries. On a call with analysts, Domino’s Pizza Group CEO David Wild said, “whilst these markets are attractive, we are not the best owners of the businesses.”

What percentage of the population of Portugal is foreign?

In 1992, 1.3% of the population was foreign, by 2007 the number had grown to 4.1% or 435,736 people. Since the independence of the former African colonies, Portugal saw a steady immigration from Africa, most notably Cape Verde, Angola and Guinea-Bissau, but also São Tomé and Príncipe, Mozambique and former Portuguese India in Asia.

How many Brazilians live in Portugal?

According to Statistics Portugal, there were 10,636,979 persons resident in Portugal in 2010, of whom 103,230 (0.97%) were citizens of other EU countries, and 344,853 (3.24%) were citizens of non EU countries. Brazilians are the most prevalent foreign nationality. The 119,552 resident Brazilians are 1.12% of the total population.

Why immigrate to Portugal?

A number of EU citizens have also chosen Portugal as a destination, with a major part of the British, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, German, Swedish communities, among others, being mostly composed of persons looking for quality of life, including an increasing number of pensioners. Immigration to Portugal has grown since the 1990s.

What does the Rifa report say about immigration to Portugal?

This Portuguese Immigration, Borders and Asylum (RIFA) Report for the year 2017, which Bob had access to, provides a clear picture of immigration to Portugal. Despite what one might think France and Italy are very far from being among the largest expatriate communities living in Portugal.

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