What is the origin of the word gipsy?

Gipsy (term), an English term for Roma/Romani people Gipsy (dog), a large, long-lived dog buried in Brooklyn, New York Gipsies Football Club, a 19th-century rugby football club notable for being one of the founding members of the Rugby Football Union

How did the Gipsy get Brandy into the tent?

This was addressed to the gipsy, who crawled into the low tent on all fours, and after some rummaging and rustling returned with a cash-box, which the man who had spoken opened with a key he wore about his person. Fill! The gipsy produced three tin cups, and filled them to the brim with brandy.

What did the Gipsy fill her tin cups with?

Fill! The gipsy produced three tin cups, and filled them to the brim with brandy. She had on a red cloak and a black bonnet: or rather, a broad-brimmed gipsy hat, tied down with a striped handkerchief under her chin.

Is it Gipsy or Gipsy?

Gipsy was the preferred spelling in England. The name is also in extended use applied to a person exhibiting any of the qualities attributed to Gipsies, as darkness of complexion, trickery in trade, arts of cajolery, and, especially as applied to a young woman, playful freedom or innocent roguishness of action or manner [Century Dictionary].

Is the word “gypsy” pejorative?

What’s more, the uncapitalized “gypsy” has meanings that are ultimately derived from the original sense but no longer have ethnic or racial associations. And those uses are not regarded as pejorative, at least in dictionaries.

Is it OK to say Gypsy in Italian?

It should be avoided entirely if any ethnic connection is implied; instead, the words “Roma” or “Romani” should be used. Meanwhile, the non-ethnic uses of “gypsy” (with a lowercase “g”) should not be condemned.

What do you need to know about Tin Cup?

But in case you need a condensed version, here are seven factoids that every Tin Cup fan should know. Enjoy. 1. Chip Beck at the 1993 Masters was the inspiration for the movie. During the final round of the 1993 Masters, Beck trailed Bernhard Langer by three with four holes to play, yet he laid up on the par-5 15th at Augusta National.

What inspired Ron Shelton to write Tin Cup?

The conservative approach didn’t pay off (Langer won by four), but it gave Ron Shelton the idea he needed for his movie. Shelton, who directed and co-wrote Tin Cup, talked to John Norville, who co-wrote the film with him, after he saw Beck’s lay up on 15.

What is the style of the Gipsy Kings?

The group originally called itself Los Reyes . Their music has a particular rumba flamenca style, with pop influences; many songs of the Gipsy Kings fit social dances, such as salsa and rumba. Their music has been described as a place where Spanish flamenco and gypsy rhapsody meet salsa funk.

What songs did the band Gipsy Kings cover?

Gipsy Kings was released in the United States in 1989 and spent 40 weeks on the charts, one of few Spanish language albums to do so. The band covered Ive Got No Strings for the 1991 Disney video and compilation album Simply Mad About the Mouse. Their cover version of Hotel California was an example...

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