The batman review

the batman review

What is your review of the Batman movie?

The Batman is a gripping, gorgeous, and, at times, genuinely scary psychological crime thriller that gives Bruce Wayne the grounded detective story he deserves. Robert Pattinson is great as a very broken Batman, but it’s Zoe Kravitz and Paul Dano who steal the show, with a movingly layered Selina Kyle/Catwoman and a terrifyingly unhinged Riddler.

Shouldthe Batmanhave been rated R?

With The Batman, writer/director Matt Reeves teams with Robert Pattinson to take another spin on the iconic superhero. But without the freedom an R-rating allows, this movie — full of menace and murder — feels toothless. Imagine if David Fincher made a Batman movie but it was censored to air on televisions at Walmart.

Is the Batman the worst Batman movie to date?

The Batman film review includes takes on the Matt Reeves film being incredibly cliched. The movie stars Robert Pattinson as The Dark Knight. While the movie has been getting rave reviews, it is probably the worst Batman movie to date. हिंदी में देखेंमराठीमध्ये वाचा Advertise With UsSell On MensXPAbout UsContact Us

What do you think about the Batman?

The Batman es una espectacularidad y una gloria por dondequiera que se le mire, es intensa, cruda y explosiva, definitivamente Robert Pattinson llegó a cerrarle la boca a sus detractores, no tiene comparación alguna y su interpretación como el vigilante es auténtica y creíble. Un aspecto que

What is the ‘the Batman’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes?

“The Batman” currently holds an 86% “Fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes from 217 reviews. Here’s what critics thought of the film ahead of its Friday theatrical debut:

What is the genre of the Batman?

“The Batman.” For many critics, “The Batman” seems to be a cross between “Saw,” “Seven” and “Zodiac.” It is a film that dabbles in several genres: horror, thriller, noir, but feels constrained by its PG-13 rating.

Is the new Batman The most intelligent film ever?

The new Batman is the most intelligent film ever made from a comic book. Batman is a stunning achievement, especially through the incredible and unique visualization of director Tim Burton.

Is the new Batman one of the best superhero movies?

Other than its prescience as a pop cultural milestone, this wont go down as one of the better superhero movies, nor even one of the best in the Batman cinematic canon. The new Batman is the most intelligent film ever made from a comic book.

Is Batman&Robin a bad movie?

Batman & Robin is a bad movie. But understanding the history of Batman onscreen, specifically the TV series and the 1966 film, leads one to understand what director Joel Schumacher was going for here. And you know what? He kind of pulls it off in a couple of scenes.

What is the best Batman movie to watch?

Every Batman Movie Ranked, Worst To Best. Batman & Robin. Very few people involved with Batman & Robin have anything positive to say about the movie, with George Clooney famously declaring ... Batman V. Superman. Batman (1966) Batman Forever. The Dark Knight Rises.

Is Batman the best superhero of all time?

Batman is a character who’s given us some of the best superhero movies of all time, and some of the worst, with the tone and approach varying wildly over the last few decades.

What are some of the worst superhero movies?

9. Batman & Robin (1997) - Widely denounced as one of the worst superhero films of all time and blamed for temporarily killing the franchise, there are lots of worse superhero movies than Batman & Robin (including Steel, The Spirit, Supergirl, and Catwoman).

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