Why stay at the solférias hotel?

At the Solférias Hotel, guests will be able to enjoy a relaxing holiday, in a quite area near the Carvoeiro town. In Summer the hotel offers private transport, operating to Carvoeiro and Paraíso beaches 3 times a day, from Monday to Friday. In Winter the transportation is on request.

How to get from Faro to solferias?

There is a quick connection between Faro to Solferias, in the direction of Portimão (motorway); before Portimão, leave the motorway in the direction of Lagoa, and follow the signs for Carvoeiro.

How to get to solferias from Lagoa?

After the 2nd traffic lights, turn right to Carvoeiro, and 4km after Lagoa you will see a petrol station and yellow signs for Solferias (the patrol-station is called CEPSA). 200m after this, turn right up the hill for another 400m, the hotel is on the left side.

How to get to the Algarve from Lagos?

From FARO Faro Airportis the gate to the Algarve, welcoming millions of international passengers each year. The airport is 90km from Lagos / about a 1 hour drive. By car If you are hiring a car, then its pretty easy – just head west. However, the toll fare on the highway (A22) is steep at around 18€/car (!).

How to get from Sete Rios to Lagos by bus?

Once arriving from the metro in Sete Rios station, you need to exit the building, looking for the “Rodoviario” signs. Just outside the building you see a small escalator up, this takes you to the bus station. There you can buy tickets for the service to Lagos.

How do I get from Lagos to Sevilla?

If from Lagos you are continuing your trip into Spain, Sevilla is likely your next stop. From Lagos you can catch a bus to Sevilla with either eva-bus or rede-expressos. Unfortunately the journey will take 6.5hrs, although its considerably less by car. There is no train to Sevilla.

How to drive to Lagos from Faro?

If you don’t want to hire a car for your stay, but would like the ease of driving to Lagos, Luzcarhas a nice service. You can pick up the car at Faro airport, drive it to Lagos and drop it off at their office on the main Avenida. This will cost you 45€. If you want to keep the car for more days, the daily rate drops to around 25€/day.

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