What is ubbu?

The combination of both online and offline activities, the use of programming in students real life and the connection to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals make ubbu an ideal tool to connect programming with the classroom and the context of daily life. Ubbu a simple, fun and pedagogical way to teach Computer Science.

What are ubbu challenges?

Challenges are new ubbu activities, which include new exercises, games and projects. They complement our curriculum and can be accessed at any time. Challenges go deeper into CS and programming, so they are perfect if youre hungry for more knowledge.

Whats new in UBB online?

New functionality in UBB Online, enabling you to create templates, shared with other representatives. Best rates on savings for least effort? Open a deposit in just a few clicks.

Is UBB online available in Sofia Municipality?

We would like to inform you that the service for checking in real time and payment of local taxes and fees to Sofia Municipality via UBB Online has been resumed. New functionality in UBB Online, enabling you to create templates, shared with other representatives.

What does Ubba mean?

Ubba ( Old Norse: Ubbi) (died 878) was a 9th-century Viking and one of the commanders of the Great Heathen Army that invaded Anglo-Saxon England in the 860s. The Great Army appears to have been a coalition of warbands drawn from Scandinavia, Ireland, the Irish Sea region and Continental Europe.

Is Ubba the same as Rodulfus?

It is also possible that Ubba is identical to Rodulfus (died 878), a Viking attested on the Continent in the 860s and 870s. Rodulfus is recorded to have been slain in an attack on Oostergo in 873.

Is Ubba a real person?

Ubba appears as a character in modern historical fiction. For example, the unnamed Danish king that appears in Alfred: A Masque, a musical play with a libretto by James Thomson (died 1748) and David Mallet (died 1765)—first presented in 1740 —may be a composite of Ubba, Guthrum, Ivar and Halfdan.

Was Ubba the Great a Frisian?

Some sources describe Ubba as dux of the Frisians, which could be evidence that he also associated with a Frisian benefice. In 865, the Great Army, apparently led by Ivar the Boneless, overwintered in the Kingdom of East Anglia, before invading and destroying the Kingdom of Northumbria.

What can I do in UBB online?

UBB Online provides you with access to your funds anywhere, worldwide. You can make transfers, pay taxes and bills, monitor and control your funds in UBB. How to register in UBB Online? 1. Read the up-to-date Tariffs and General Terms

What is UBB mobile?

What is UBB Mobile? UBB Mobile is a specialized application for mobiles devices - mobile phones and tablets with operational system Android and iOS. The application is meant for the execution of base active and passive bank operations by individuals and businesses, as well as for the receipt of general bank information.

How do I unlock my UBB account?

About unlocking you should visit a branch of the bank or call our Contact Centre at the national hotline 070011717, dial +3592 483 1717 for international calls or * 7171 short number for subscribers of Bulgarian mobile network carriers.. From the Forgotten password menu in UBB Online.

What types of e-vignettes does UBB offer?

Weekend, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual vignette for all Category 3 vehicle types - cars, trailers or caravans. Detailed info about the terms and conditions of the e-Vignette service via UBB Mobile is available here.

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