Why choose autatlantis rent-a-car?

Autatlantis Rent-a-car opened its first office in 1988 and offers quality of service and a fleet annually renewed. This allows Autatlantis to have, undoubtedly, a position of reference in the national market.

Where is autatlantis Vila Franca do Campo located?

Please find our Vila Franca do Campo downtown counter in the main road Avenida da Liberdade, near GALP Gas Station and Pousada Convento de São Francisco. Parking available for Autatlantis Rent a Car customers

How do I get to autatlantis parking?

Go straight to the security barrier. You will have permission to access the exclusive car park of Autattlantis Rent a Car. Then move forward and contour the building on your right and you will find Autatlantis parking. GPS 37.73940, -25.66277

How to find autatlantis rent-a-car in São Miguel - Azores airport?

SÃO MIGUEL ISLAND PONTA DELGADA AIRPORT (PDL) – PONTA DELGADA / SÃO MIGUEL Ponta Delgada Airport (João Paulo II) 9500-749 Ponta Delgada São Miguel - Azores - Portugal Telph. +351 296 684 632 HOW TO FIND US Exit the baggage claim area, walk past customs and you will see Autatlantis Rent-a-Car in the first counter on your front-left side.

On average a rental car in Azores costs $374 per week ($53 per day). How much does it cost to rent a car long term for a month in Azores? On average a rental car in Azores costs $1,605 per month ($53 per day).

Was ist autatlantis rent a car?

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