Benagil cave kayak

benagil cave kayak

How to explore the caves near Benagil?

Kayaking is a fun way to explore the caves near Benagil, especially the most famous one, the “Algar de Benagil”. A professional guide will ensure that you take the kayak tour in a safe and relaxing environment.

What to do in Benagil with stand up paddle?

SUP promenade in the caves of Benagil Important to say that boats are not allowed to disembark in the caves and so with the boards of Stand up paddle we can stop… 13. Unmanned kayak rental - Praia da Marinha (Algarve) When choosing this type of activity you can enjoy a 1-hour tour, where you will have the opportunity to visit and glimpse…

Where to kayak in the Algarve?

Kayaking itself is a very fun and fulfilling activity, and the Algarve has the most amazing spots to practice kayak. Near Lagos in Ponta da Piedade, and going inside the sea caves of the golden coast, like the Benagil cave. We know a kayak tour that takes you inside the Benagil cave starting near Carvoeiro.

What to do in Benagil Algarve?

Get to know the caves from a unique perspective while you get some exercise. Take stunning photos and take a break to cool off in the clear waters of Benagil. This tour is a must when visiting the Algarve! A professional guide ensures that you enjoy your kayak tour in a safe and relaxing environment.

What is the best way to visit Benagil cave?

The best way to visit the Benagil cave is by boat and there are several companies offering great boat trips to Benagil. Only smaller boats can enter the cave, so you can opt for a trip on a small 12 seater boat or for a relaxed cruise aboard a larger catamaran and then change to a smaller boat to visit the cave.

Where to go in Benagil?

Next to the village of Benagil, the small Benagil Beach is nestled in a sheltered bay and has a lot more to offer than just Benagil Cave. Bathed by a calm sea, this area is ideal for boat trips where you can discover deserted beaches, inaccessible by land.

Where is Benagil cave in Portugal?

The Benagil Cave is located in the south of Portugal, in the region called Algarve. I’ve pinned the exact location of the cave on the map below: To go to the Benagil Cave from Lagos, which is one of the major town in the Algarve, it will take you around 40mn of driving.

How was the Benagil cave formed?

Well, the cliffs are made of limestone and, years after years, the waves and wind have created the cave, while the rainwater has made the opening on top of the cave. The Benagil Cave is more than 20 million years old.

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