Tap miles and go login

tap miles and go login

How does the tap miles&go program work?

TAP Miles&Go Clients accumulate miles when filling up their fuel tanks and when signing up for Galp electricity and/or natural gas services. The first TAP Miles&Go status welcomes you to the Program, with an offer of 200 miles upon joining.

How do I earn tap miles?

Earn miles with your trips, with the Club or with the various promotions and offers of the Program, and exchange them for plane tickets, flight extras and other advantages. TAP Miles&Go Statutes. Purchase of MilesOnly and Miles&Cash tickets. Covid Measures. Happy Miles - birthday offer. Frequently asked questions.

How to redeem miles for discounts on tap flights?

Redeem miles for discounts on TAP flights with Miles&Go Promo. Join our Miles Club. Choose 1 of 4 plans and earn more miles, faster. The TAP Miles&Go Programme always has lots of special offers, so you can save even more! Happy birthday to you!

What can I do with miles&go promo points?

You can immediately convert them into a Miles&Go Promo discount, or continue to accumulate, and then exchange your balance for tickets, Upgrades or other services. Get more amenities while you fly: Priority check-in and boarding, lounges, Fast Track and 25% extra on flown miles.

How to earn miles in the tap miles&go program?

Earning miles in the TAP Miles&Go program does not come easy as TAP Portugal only has 2 transferable point partners and 2 credit cards (cards not available to the U.S. market). With that said, you’ll need to focus your spending on the 1 transferable point program partner in order to earn TAP Portugal Miles&Go miles. TAP Portugal Credit Cards

What can I do with tap miles?

Earn even more miles every time you fly or whenever you take advantage of the offers from our land partners. Use the miles to purchase trips, discounts, upgrades and other TAP services. Discover the exclusive TAP Miles&Go advantages.

What are Tap Status Miles and bonus miles?

As previously mentioned, TAP has Status Miles and Bonus Miles. Status Miles can only be earned on TAP and TAP-marketed partener flights. Bonus Miles are also earned when flying but can be accumulated from non-flying activities and partners. If your goal is TAP elite status, earning Status Miles should be your focus.

What is miles&go and what are the benefits?

What are the benefits? Miles&Go is the free frequent flyer program of TAP Portugal. For those who sign up for a membership, you’ll receive the opportunity to earn elite status and miles, as well as redeem miles for an award flight. TAP uses Status Miles and TAP Segments to determine which members earn elite status every qualifying period.

How much does it cost to redeem tap miles?

Here’s the exact redemption you can make: San Francisco (SFO) – Lisbon (LIS) one-way in TAP Air Portugal’s brand-new A330-900neo business class for 100,000 miles + ~$640 in taxes and fees 4. Fly From the U.S. to the Azores via Lisbon in TAP Business Class (100,000 Miles)

Where can you redeem miles with TAP Air Portugal?

If you don’t feel like heading down to South America, you can also redeem miles to head to Southern Africa. TAP Air Portugal offers nonstop flights to 2 unique destinations. Unsurprisingly, these destinations are former Portuguese colonies.

How do I earn tap miles&go miles with Capital One?

The simplest way to earn TAP Miles&Go miles will be by flying TAP Air Portugal or its Star Alliance partners or through reward transfers from the Marriott Bonvoy program and now, Capital One. You can transfer Bonvoy points to most airlines at a ratio of 3:1, including to TAP Portugal.

How do I Book Award flights with tap miles&go?

For non-alliance partner award flights like Emirates, you’ll need to call the TAP Miles&Go Service Center at 800-221-7370 to book your flights. There are different award redemption rules depending on which award chart you’re using. If you’re flying solely on TAP Air Portugal flights, you’ll need to follow these rules, according to TAP Air Portugal:

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