What is FlightAware?

FlightAware is an American multi-national technology company that provides real-time, historical, and predictive flight data and flight-tracking products. It is currently the worlds largest flight tracking platform with a network of over 32,000 ADS-B ground stations in 200 countries.

How many flight tracking pages does FlightAware serve?

FlightAware serves over 500 million flight tracking pages to over 12 million users per month as of June 2019.

Who owns FlightAware?

FlightAware is privately held, with headquarters in Eleven Greenway Plaza in Houston and sales offices in New York City, Austin, Singapore, and London . In 2004, CEO, Daniel Baker, started exploring the idea of creating a free flight tracking service as he wanted a way for his family to track his private flights around the country.

What is the history of FlightAware?

History. On March 17, 2005, FlightAware was officially founded and began processing live flight data. FlightAware earned over one million dollars in revenue in its first 18 months. FlightAware has been profitable since 2006 and is growing at the rate of 40-50% per year, as of April 2014.

How does FlightAware track flights? FlightAwares data actually comes from multiple sources, which is aggregated together to produce all of the data needed to track a flight: Flight schedules published by major airlines months in advance are used to initially populate information about flights a few days prior to departure.

What is FlightAware?

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