Pepe taco

pepe taco

What is a typical breakfast at Pepe’s Tacos?

Served 24/7 at Pepe’s Tacos. We put a little of our home cook style by adding rice, beans and your choice of flour or corn tortillas to your breakfast combination plates. Mexican pork chorizo, scrambled with 3 eggs. Scrambled eggs with shredded beef, diced tomatoes, onions and bell peppers.

What is the rating of Pepes tacos to go?

How is Pepes Tacos To Go rated? Pepes Tacos To Go has 3.5 stars. What days are Pepes Tacos To Go open?

Where is Pepes Tacos located?

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How many oz of water is in Pepe’s Tacos Boulder?

16.9 oz of Pepe’s Tacos Boulder bottled water. Take with you it’s Nevada it’s hot out there! We have a wide variety of bottled drinks to choose from if you would rather have some traditional Mexican flavor.

Yes, Pepe’s Tacos offers both delivery and takeout. How is Pepe’s Tacos rated? Pepe’s Tacos has 4.5 stars. What days are Pepe’s Tacos open?

Where can I find the best tacos in PV?

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