Carro cupra

carro cupra

What is a Cupra car?

CUPRA, a newly-born company that has its origins deeply rooted into the history of SEAT, is looking to follow and build on the same design creed with a stunning all-electric concept called Tavascan. Now, as a new brand, CUPRA is just stretching its tentacles but it has been doing it with well-defined goals.

What kind of wheels does Cupra born offer?

The CUPRA Born draws you in with its sharp lines and powerful presence. An iconic element of the CUPRA Born. Discover a range of wheel designs in 18″, 19″ and 20″ for all-round aerodynamic performance. High-performance Aero wheels with Glossy Black and Copper finishes. Aero wheels in Glossy Black with Sport Black inserts echo superior style.

What is the new Cupra born?

The new CUPRA Born is designed to evoke pure emotion, fusing sportive energy with a challenger spirit.

What is the Cupra e-Racer?

Largely based on the SEAT Leon TCR touring car, the CUPRA e-Racer not only looks like a serious race car, it also has as much as 670 horsepower at its disposal. Like many business relationships, that between carmakers and customers should be one of trust and respect.

What is the Cupra born?

The CUPRA Born is a game-changer in the electric market and the impulse of the company’s transformation. Delivering stimulating design, instantaneous performance and offering an all-electric range of more than 500km, the CUPRA Born will contribute to reducing global CO2 emissions and meeting European targets.

What makes the Cupra born a game-changer?

The first 100% electric vehicle from the unconventional challenger brand delivers an emotional design and instantaneous performance, while challenging the status quo. The CUPRA Born is a game-changer in the electric market and the impulse of the company’s transformation.

Is the Cupra born 100% electric?

100% electric. Unstoppable impulse. Excellent performance, extremely sustainable, and incredibly innovative, welcome to the first-ever all-electric CUPRA. The CUPRA Born’s exterior styling breaks convention to give it a strong, unique presence.

How many versions of the Cupra born will there be?

Technically there’ll be four different iterations of the Born from launch – with the most powerful pair being offered with something Cupra is calling the ‘e-Boost performance pack’.

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