Hyperx cloud ii

hyperx cloud ii

What would you like to tell us about the HyperX Cloud II?

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? The HyperX Cloud II was built to be an ultra-comfortable gaming headset with amazing sound. We put a lot of thought into the details of our HyperX signature memory foam, the premium leatherette, clamping force, and weight distribution to create a headset that’s comfortable through long gaming sessions.

How do I use the HyperX Cloud II wireless headset?

Actually using the HyperX Cloud II Wireless is pretty easy too. This is pretty much a plug-and-play affair, with a minimal hardware interface. The headset connects to your platform of choice using a 2.4GHz USB wireless RF dongle. There’s no 3.5mm connection option, so you’re basically limited to using the headset with the PlayStation 4, PC, ...

Does the HyperX Cloud II USB sound card work with PS4?

We have improved the firmware for the HyperX Cloud II USB sound card to enable PS4 compatibility. For information related to the Firmware improvements, please see the Release Notes” located below.

Is the HP Cloud II a classic?

The design of the Cloud II is basically a carbon copy of its predecessor. Their design might have been ahead of its time back in 2015 but a lot of other brands have innovated and veered away from this industrial look already, so we’ll just call them a classic.

Is the HyperX Cloud II wireless worth it?

The HyperX Cloud II Wireless is carried by how good its predecessor is, and shows just how far nailing the basics will get you. It feels a little lean for a 50% markup, but this is still a great wireless gaming headset. Who is it for?

Is the Kingston HyperX Cloud II good for gaming?

The Kingston HyperX Cloud II aims to offer everything the average gamer would want from a headset. It boasts big 53mm drivers, surround sound processing, and a detachable microphone. It works with all of the major gaming platforms, including PC/Mac, mobile, PS4 and Xbox One (with an adaptor).

What kind of surround sound does the Cloud II wireless provide?

On PC, the Cloud II Wireless provides optional 7.1-channel simulated surround sound through HyperX’s Ngenuity software, which also controls other HyperX peripherals like the QuadCast S microphone.

How do the on-ear controls work on the HyperX Cloud II?

Without the cable, on which the Cloud II includes a detachable DAC controller, the on-ear controls are a little more important this time around. HyperX keeps it simple: There’s a power button, a mic mute button, a USB-C port for the charging cable, and a plug for the detachable mic on the left cup. The speaker volume wheel is on the right.

Does the HyperX Cloud 2 work with PS5?

Does the HyperX Cloud 2 work with the PS5? : HyperX Does the HyperX Cloud 2 work with the PS5? Does it work or do I have to get a new headset? u/zlPharma, it sure does :) ! Its compatible either by plugging it into the controller via AUX, or using the USB sound card that came with your headset :) .

What is the difference between Hyper X Cloud 2 and Cloud 2?

If you go for the Cloud you have to manually set it up for Virtual 7.1 from your board. The difference between the Hyper X cloud and the Cloud 2 is the connectors and the sound card. the cloud 2 uses 1 3.5m audio where mic and headset go, whereas the cloud has 2 separate cables. as well as the Cloud 2 had a sound-card upgrade to the Cloud.

Do I need a sound card for the Cloud 2?

But if you do opt in for the Cloud 2 you should be just fine with the included sound card. If you go for the Cloud you have to manually set it up for Virtual 7.1 from your board.

How much is the discount on the HyperX Cloud II earpads?

Grab 30% Off Our Upgraded HyperX Cloud II Earpads Now! An error occurred while retrieving sharing information. Please try again later.

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