Judo portugal

judo portugal

Who won the womens judo Portugal 2018?

Catarina Costa displayed beautiful footwork as always, catching out her Korean opponent to take the first Gold medal of this year, and Portugal’s first of the tournament, making her the tournaments woman of the day. Mr Jorge Fernandes, President of the Portuguese Judo Federation, proudly awarded Costa her gold medal

Who are the most successful judoka in the world?

A British citizen, he became one of the most successful judokas in the world. Neil Adams is one of the most competent and sought-after judo technicians: a technical and refereeing supervisor at the International Federation of Judo (IJF), as well as an enthusiastic official commentator at top-level Judo events.

Who are the IPPONs of judo?

The Ippons came thick and fast from the home nation-from young Judoka like Goncalo Oliviera who displayed beautiful footwork and raw power, to established Portuguese stars like Telma Monteiro-they put on a show for the Portuguese public, gaining incredible momentum for the next two days of the inaugural Grand Prix in Portugal.

Where did the 2022 World Judo tour take place?

The 2022 World Judo Tour kicked off in Portugal with a thrilling first day at the Grand Prix in Almada, and the local Judoka rose to the challenge!

What is an ippon in judo?

An ippon in judo is the equivalent of a knockout punch in boxing. In shobu ippon kumite, a method of karate competition, an ippon is awarded for a technique judged as decisive. This is usually a move that connects cleanly, with good form and with little opportunity for the opponent to defend against it.

Why is it called Jūdō (柔道)?

Thus Kano renamed it Jūdō (柔道, judo). There are three basic categories of waza (技, techniques) in judo: nage-waza (投げ技, throwing techniques), katame-waza (固技, grappling techniques) and atemi-waza (当て身技, striking techniques). Judo is mostly known for nage-waza and katame-waza.

How has judo changed the world?

The World Ranking List and the new rules and competition system made judo a more comprehensive and modern sport, boosting audiences all over the world, with a wide TV coverage and sold out events in most of the venues Videos you watch may be added to the TVs watch history and influence TV recommendations.

Where can I watch IJF judo live?

Watch all IJF World Judo Tour events LIVE on YouTube along with the Highlight shows. IJF Official Judo Media Portal. The International Judo Federation has 200 affiliated National Federations in all five continents. Over 20 million people practice judo, a sport which perfectly unites education and physical activity.

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