Burger king stranger things

burger king stranger things

What is on the Stranger Things Whopper at Burger King?

Starting tomorrow, the burger chain will be serving the Stranger Things Whopper (which is menu number 11 – yes, ‘eleven’). The ingredient list is exactly the same as a regular Whopper; tomatoes, lettuce, ketchup, pickles, mayonnaise, etc.

What is Burger Kings stranger menu campaign?

Burger King announces its newest campaign, which promises to stir the hearts and palates of the brands fans. To celebrate Burger King launches Stranger Menu in partnership with Netflix - Market Hub Market Hub. Home News More Contact Privacy Policy No Result View All Result Market Hub. Home News More Contact Privacy Policy No Result

What is the upside down Whopper at Burger Kings?

It’s just an inverted hamburger in Stranger Things -branded packaging. The Upside Down Whopper will only be available at locations of the chain in Miami, Houston, SF, LA, NYC, Atlanta, Philly, Boston, Chicago, and Dallas starting June 21. These Burger Kings will also peddle Stranger Things -branded T-shirts, pins, crowns, and ketchup packets.

How does the stranger menu work on BK?

The consumer will have access to the Stranger Menu when turning the BK app upside down, accessing the menu in the true mood of the series. In the period, purchases made through the tool, in addition to having promotional prices, will bring the consumer the possibility of double points in Clube BK, the brand’s loyalty program.

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