Central station albufeira

central station albufeira

Where is the bus station in Albufeira?

Re: Albufeira central bus station The bus station is certainly not central! Its about a mile to the north of the old town. (The old bus station was down in town but it moved more than 8 years ago and there certainly arent any villas there.) This map of mine, which I made from Google (with a license!) should help you.

What is the name of the train station in Faro?

Albufeira Train Station, located in the civil parish of Ferrerias, is considered the railway station for the city of Albuferia. Founded in 1889, the Albufeira Train Station still remains to be the main link between Faro and Libson, having 5 daily departures to and from Libson every day.

Why choose this train station in Portugal?

If you are going on a journey to explore Portugal by train, this train station will keep you in comfort, providing all necessary amenities such as a coffee shop, bathrooms, and a nearby parking area.

How far is Albufeira from town centre?

Albufeira, Bus terminal is located about 2.6 km from the town centre, which is only a 8 minute drive. At Albufeira, bus station you can find: coffee bar, parking lot and waiting room .

How to get from Faro Airport to Albufeira?

In case you wish to travel from Faro airport to Albufeira, you will first need to catch the local urban bus (no. 14 or 16) to Faro bus terminal and from there get on the next bus to Albufeira bus terminal (at Caliços). More information is available at the Tourist office at the airport. From 7am to 8.30 pm (for airport trip)

How do I get to the train station in albuferia?

The train station is about 5.5 kilometres from the old town center, which is just outside Ferreiras. To review your options of getting to the train station see below: Bus: the bus network in Albuferia strictly follows its timetable and have buses departing every 30 minutes, every day.

After a 3-hour train ride, you arrive at Faro Central station, which is conveniently situated within walking distance from the heart of the town. What is the distance from lisbon to faro? To get from Portugals heart to the coastal town of Faro, travelers have to cover the distance of 295 kilometers (183 miles) by train.

What is the Faro regional line?

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