Lgt pgdl

lgt pgdl

What is a PGDL course?

Our Postgraduate Diploma in Law (PGDL) is a law foundation course where you learn to think like a lawyer and prepare for the realities of life in legal practice.

Why did you choose the GDL?

I enjoyed the GDL because while it is seen as an academic stage of training, it is very practical. The GDL is less about whether the new reforms blah blah and more about problem solving. You learn to analyse and apply relevant law to your client’s situation in order to advise them, which is what you will be doing on the LPC and in practice.

What is the GDL course comparison table?

Our GDL course comparison table helps you compare a variety of GDL providers and GDL universities, their locations and tuition fees so you can select the right law school for your studies. Where can you study the GDL? What should you bear in mind? What Is a Legal Secretary? How Hard Is the GDL?

What is the difference between the GDL and LLB?

Perhaps the most obvious and practical enticement the LLB boasts over the GDL is that a law degree equals a year less study; this means LLB students are ahead of the game and are earning money sooner.

What is the PGDL?

“The PGDL is a cutting-edge postgraduate law conversion course giving students the chance to develop the academic legal knowledge and skills necessary to become a lawyer in England & Wales.

Why choose a PGDL conversion course?

Through studying another degree subject, and building your career in another discipline, you will have gained many transferable skills. By choosing law at a later stage, you are showing motivation and determination to pursue a new career. Why choose this PGDL conversion course?

What can I do with a PGDL?

Upon completing the PGDL, you will be eligible to continue training as a barrister or solicitor in England and Wales. Browse PGDL courses below! If you’re looking to make the change into legal study and already have an undergraduate degree in another discipline then our PGDL is your pathway into legal practice as a solicitor or barrister.

What is the GDL/CPE?

The Graduate Diploma in Law/Common Professional Examination (GDL/CPE) is a postgraduate law course in England and Wales that is taken by non-law graduates (graduates who have a degree in a discipline that is not law or not a qualifying law degree for legal practice) wishing to become either a solicitor or barrister in England and Wales.

What is the GDL course?

The GDL is all part of earning your stripes as an aspiring lawyer. It allows you to convert your non-law degree in one, intense burst of study and examinations. You just need an undergraduate degree (or equivalent) in any discipline to apply. The GDL only takes one year to complete, but the course will be very intensive,...

What is the GDL (law conversion course)?

The GDL, otherwise known as the Law Conversion Course, is a postgraduate law conversion course for non-law graduates who want to pursue a legal career. Also known as the Common Professional Examination or CPE, the Graduate Diploma in Law is a year-long intensive course for students who have graduated with a non-law degree subject.

What is the GDL and is it worth it?

The fast-track nature of the GDL means that you will squish three years of undergraduate law degree knowledge into a very short time period. Although this might be stressful at the time, it means that youll only be a year behind those who did study for an LLB.

What is the difference between the GDL and the LLB?

The GDL, or the Graduate Diploma in Law, covers the seven core LLB law modules. The main difference between the law conversion course and the LLB is that with the GDL, you study these topics over ten months rather than three years.

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