Who is Italo?

Italo was opened in 2008 by Charlie Boxer, Frank Boxer and Luigi diLieto. As a community based shop in the heart of Bonnington Square, one of the l... Responsibly sourced, natural canvas bags, (12 oz weight canvas). Hand printed with ITALOs distinctive font by our lovely Ruth Morgan! Photo by Lewis Khan!

What kind of trains does Italo use?

Italo’s fleet is made up exclusively of Alstom trains, and is one of the most modern in Europe. Our very high-speed AGV 575 trains are a perfect balance between state-of-the-art technology, safety and comfort.

What are the Italo travel ambiences?

With Italo you can choose between four travel ambiences: Smart, Comfort, Prima and Club Executive. All the Italo comfort and services at an affordable price. Free Wi-Fi network on board the train to navigate directly from your smartphone.

How do I contact Italo?

You can reach Italo at the numbers listed below. *Calls from a landline cost a standard fee of 30.5 cents and then 54.9 cents per minute. Calls from mobile phones are subject to network charges. Fees will be charged once the message regarding call costs has been played. If calling from abroad, please call Italo Assistance on +39 06 8937 1892**.

What does Italo mean?

Italo as a boys name is of Italian origin, and the meaning of Italo is from Italy. Novelist Italo Calvino.

Who is Italo Calvino?

Italo Calvino, (born October 15, 1923, Santiago de las Vegas, Cuba—died September 19, 1985, Siena, Italy), Italian journalist, short-story writer, and novelist whose whimsical and imaginative fables made him one of the most important Italian fiction writers in the 20th century. Calvino left Cuba for Italy in his youth.

What is the Italo train?

Italo is Italy’s first private high speed rail operator, and the first operator in the world to use Alstom’s new AGV train, holder of the world speed record for wheeled rail vehicles. Italo’s current train fleet is made up of 25 latest-generation AGV 575 trains that can run at very high speed, up to 360 km/h and 26 new Italo EVO.

Who was Italo Balbo?

Italo Balbo, (born June 6, 1896, near Ferrara, Italy—died June 28, 1940, Tobruk, Libya), Italian airman and fascist leader who played a decisive role in developing Benito Mussolini’s air force. After studying at Florence University and the Institute of Social Science in Rome, Balbo served as an officer in the Alpine Corps during World War I.

What kind of ambiences does Italo offer?

The Smart, Comfort, Prima and Club Executive ambiences meet every travel need. Find out more about all the possibilities to travel offered by Italo. The health and safety of our employees and customers remains our top priority.

What is included on the italolive train?

All the Italo comfort and services at an affordable price. Free Wi-Fi network on board the train to navigate directly from your smartphone. Discover the best of entertainment with an incredible selection of films, TV series, books, podcasts and magazines available on the Italolive on-board portal;

What is Italo go?

Italo Go: book your train ticket in Italy and complete your journey with Italo partners. Book your next stay on many benefits are just waiting for you. Up to 20% off and points with Hertz! Rent at train station or worldwide with discount and 3 Italo Più points per Euro spent.

How safe is it to travel on Italo?

Traveling aboard Italo is now even safer, thanks to the innovative air filtering system adopted by installing Hepa Filters. Find out how it works. Sanitised trains.

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