Magicseaweed peniche

magicseaweed peniche

Where to surf near Peniche?

A couple of miles north of Peniche is the sandy little island village of Baleal, a big destination for traveling surfers for more than 20 years -- especially when the reefs around Ericeira are blown out with N or S... read more We all want more time in the water. Get access to long-range forecasts, hourly graphs and ad-free webcams.

What is Peniche like year round?

Peniche is a year round destination with swell exposure on the north side of the town and shelter on the south. The town also sits at the dividing point between the cooler and wetter north and the dry, sunny south meaning that summers are long but tempered by cool sea breezes and the winters mild though occasionally stormy.

What are the best beach breaks in Peniche?

Most famous is Supertubos, regarded by many as one of Europes best beach breaks, but there are plenty of other barrels to pull into around Peniche. Peniche is a year round destination with swell exposure on the north side of the town and shelter on the south.

What is the direction of the waves in Peniche?

Swell direction is predominantly from the north in Peniche. The various outcrops and sandbanks help to filter that into different spots for different levels. However, the changing of the seasons can shift things just enough to have a huge impact on Peniche waves.

Where are the best beach lofts in Peniche?

GO4SURF Beach Lofts offer a series of spacious and modern units right on the main beach breaks to the north-west of Peniche. They’re all done out with charming modern style that’s fresh and breezy. You can walk from here straight to the lineup and the town center.

What are the best Peniche waves to ride?

Bananas gets big in winter, and often closes out. In the summer, it can be the best Peniche wave around. Glassy walls break against sand, and there’s even an occasional mini barrel for the intermediates.

Yes, the months July and August are very dry. Which is the warmest month in Peniche? August has an average maximum temperature of 26°C (78°F) and is the warmest month of the year. Which is the coldest month in Peniche?

What makes Peniche so special?

What is the best beach break near Peniche in Portugal?

Praia da Areia Branca is about 120 minute’s drive south of Peniche along the Atlantic. the breaks aren’t actually any better in quality, but there’s usually way less of a line up. It’s another classic PT bech break with lots of punchy peaks.

Where to stay in Peniche?

The main thing is picking somewhere that puts you close to the Peniche surf spot that suits you the most. Usually that means going for accommodation in either Baleal or Peniche town itself. However, there are others along the roadsides going north, closer to Supertubos, and even in nearby Ferrel village.

Where is the best place to surf in Peniche?

There are more protected surf beaches to the north (best for beginners) and less-protected bays to the south (hello Supertubos) that are open to the main Atlantic W swell channels. These days, the Peniche surf territory sort of links up with the nearby village of Ferrel, which is just 3.5 miles inland – a taxi between the two costs 15 EUR.

Should I visit Peniche in winter?

Winter can alter the prevailing swell direction a little to the north-west. That channels stronger groundswells straight into Peniche’s main bays. It converts spots like Papoa into mini Nazares. Even the easy beach breaks at Tupatur and Baleal can become beasts. The upshot? It might be best to leave the winter to the experts.

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