What is a billabong in Australia?

A billabong ( / ˈbɪləbɒŋ / BIL-ə-bong) is an Australian term for an oxbow lake, an isolated pond left behind after a river changes course. Billabongs are usually formed when the path of a creek or river changes, leaving the former branch with a dead end.

Is Billabong-dont sell this board short?

Billabong - dont sell this board short. The Sydney Morning Herald. Fairfax Media. Retrieved 28 February 2012. ^ Billabong Company Profile. Australian Fashion Review. 28 August 2012.

What is happening to Billabong International?

From late 2012 onwards, following the companys decline in the period since 2008, Billabong International has been the subject of a protracted bidding process in which the companys former United States chief Paul Naude has been a participant.

Is the Billabong brand worthless?

Billabong brand worthless as loss blows out. The Age. Retrieved 27 August 2013. ^ Blair Speedy (28 August 2013). Billabong at brand zero, company posts $860m loss. The Australian. Retrieved 28 August 2013.

What is a billabong?

The phrase ‘billabong’ is used throughout many of our tour itineraries. From the Yellow Water Billabong, to the White Lily Billabong, we use it a lot. But what actually is it referring to? For local Australians, this term is common, featured in surf brands and popular country songs. However, for others, it may be a confusing word.

Who is the founder of Billabong?

The History Of Australia’s Iconic Surf Brand: Billabong. The iconic Australian surf and lifestyle brand Billabong was started in humble beginnings by Gordon Merchant.

When did Billabong come out in Australia?

By the 1980s, Billabong board shorts were present throughout Australia. Based upon his success in Australia, Merchant decided to export Billabongs products and, by the late 1980s, Merchants board shorts were available in other countries, including New Zealand, Japan, and South Africa.

Why are billabongs important to Aboriginals?

For the Aboriginal people of Australia, billabongs were an important water source. This was due to the billabongs remaining for longer periods compared to rivers. During the dry season, the majority of the water sources dried up, leaving only billabongs.

What kind of company is Billabong?

Billabong International Limited is a surf company, primarily a clothing retailer that also produces accessories, like watches and backpacks and skateboard and snowboard products under other brand-names. Founded in 1973 by Gordon and Rena Merchant, the company first traded on the Australian Securities Exchange in 11...

How much did Billabong sell its sector 9 for?

In June, Billabong sold its Sector 9 to Bravo Sports, a company of Transom Capital Group, valued at $12 million. In June, Billabong was named both Men’s and Women’s Brand of the Year for the second successive year at the Australian Surf Industry Awards. In March, Billabong International raised USD17.03 million through private placement of shares.

What happened to Billabong in 2012?

On 16 February 2012, trading in Billabong shares was halted at the companys request because of reports of a A$ 776 million takeover offer from TPG Capital, a United States private equity firm. On 17 February 2012, Billabong announced its intention to undergo a major restructure.

How did Billabong become so popular?

Formed in 1973 by Australian couple Gordon and Rena Merchant, Billabong parlayed success at home during the boom years of surfing apparel into rapid overseas expansion in the 1980s and 90s.

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